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Blogger introduces food with sound

Entering the online culinary field, blogger Frank Pham attracts fans by highlighting the noises emitted when cooking.

Frank Pham (Pham The Phuong), born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, is currently a chef, food blogger in Melbourne (Australia). Frank has been passionate about food since childhood. When he was a kid, he watched many cooking shows from famous chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Jamsey …

While studying abroad, Frank often tinkering recipes to serve independent life. At that time, he still did not have a clear career orientation as a chef. The fate came in once being praised by friends, prompting Frank to apply for Culinary Arts in Singapore.

Pursuing this path, Frank went to Florida (USA) to practice, interacted with European and American cuisines, learned more Italian and Spanish dishes … then became a chef at a restaurant. Melbourne. His diverse culinary understanding and his photographic talents are the ‘rope’ that leads Frank to create his own youtube channel.

Blogger introduces food with sound
Frank Pham (real name Pham The Phuong) is a chef in Melbourne (Australia). Photo: Culinary Frank

“Culinary Frank” was born in January 2017 is a combination of 3 people including Frank, his wife and best friend. The original content only revolved around making simple dishes, shot by phone with fast and short tempo. However, the nature of the chef’s job is very busy, along with the video work is also so intense that Frank feels uncomfortable.

Frank wanted to cook like a break to relax, relax after work and “it has to bring comfort to himself, to really make viewers see the same”.

Having known ASMR for a long time, Frank caught up with Peace Cuisine channel of Japanese food blogger Ryoya Takashima. The way of cooking makes Frank “love at first” because of the peace, relaxation, not making viewers feel heavy. Beautiful image, slow rotation, no background music, but only real noises such as sizzling of cakes, clicking sound of pots and pans, mixing flour, … but bring remarkable effects. Frank came up with the idea of ​​learning and becoming his own culinary storyteller, not by visuals, but taking advantage of … sound more.

Fortunately, Frank has watched a lot of movies and cooking channels before, so he found that he could develop the best possible angles for himself. As for the sound, Frank often had to come back many times because the microphone caught … too clear. If there are outside sounds like: crying babies, falling rain, horns … couples often have to wait for a very quiet space to continue recording. There were also times when he came back to work because he was not satisfied, then stayed up until 2-3 in the morning to make the video in time to do the main job.

Talking about the work, Frank admitted that many times have to improvise, because some local ingredients are often difficult to find in Melbourne. For example, when he roasted Hoi An chicken rice, he could not find a compressed bulb, a type of bulb belonging to the onion family, garlic, so he had to replace it with other ingredients.

But that makes Frank’s channel its own liberal, when he takes advantage of his culinary knowledge to create Asian and European dishes, thereby changing people’s perception of cooking. “Cooking is like an after-day reward, there’s no need to rush, cook because it’s a must to eat,” he said.

Hoi An chicken rice according to the recipe of Frank Pham. Photo: Culinary Frank

The ASMR Cooking-oriented youtube channel has so far had a variety of Asian-European videos, supporting two-language subtitles, creating a large domestic and international audience. ASMR stands for “Autonomous sensory meridian response” which means simply feeling comfortable when hearing noises tingling from objects.

For Frank, ASMR Cooking has a very clear impact. Because our brain is most active when attaching images to sounds, it can evoke old emotions or memories.

Over the past 3 years, more than 150 videos have been made, with a variety of culinary content from North to South, in addition to many European – Japanese – Korean dishes. Frank devotes a lot of enthusiasm and time to each video, so each dish is in the picture, color, and sound.

Viewers can hear the sound of knives slicing into the crust of fried pork belly, the sound of the sizzling from the pot of stewed meat, the sound of chewing the bread in the mouth … The rustic dishes, present in family meals Every day for Vietnamese people, but when you put on headphones and watch them all, the appetite naturally comes.

Frank diligently read each comment under each video. He remembers the compliment of a woman in South Australia, dozens of hours drive from where he was, sent a message of thanks for the real new Vietnamese dishes and comforting her before each morning going to work. In addition, the channel also has many international students from Australia, the United States and the UK who commented that the dishes partly make them less homesick.

Having been in contact with many culinary backgrounds, Frank thinks that Vietnamese cuisine is very rich and diverse with vegetables. Frank’s favorite dish is Hue beef noodle soup. He hopes that he can introduce to his international friends how colorful Vietnamese cuisine instead of bread and pho as they thought.

The young man intends to return to Vietnam and shoot authentic experience clips, such as introducing our country’s “treasure” of vermicelli, learning about each type of soup, how to cook and taste in each region.


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