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Hand-picked high-class specialties, fishermen make thousands of dollars every day

In the past 2 weeks, fishermen in Xuan Yen, Nghi Xuan, and Ha Tinh communes have been hit by crabs. After each trip to the sea, a person can earn thousands of dollars.

In recent days, at the beach of Xuan Yen commune (Nghi Xuan district, Ha Tinh province) bustling scene of buying and selling. Boats in and out constantly. Along with fishing porridge, about 2 weeks ago, fishermen also hit big crabs.

Hand-picked high-class specialties, fishermen make thousands of dollars every day
Busy shopping scene at Xuan Yen beach in the early morning (Photo: Xuan Sinh).

As reported by reporters at the beach of Xuan Yen commune at 8 am on November 17, dozens of boats crowdedly docked. On the boat, the fisherman smiled happily because most of the people won big.

The boat just docked, and traders rushed down and approached to ask to buy. Bustling shopping scene. This season, the boats caught crabs were quite uniform in size, weighing about 3 fish/kg.

After nearly a night of fishing, the crab boats began to dock (Photo: Xuan Sinh).

Fisherman Nguyen Long (34 years old, residing in Xuan Yen commune, Nghi Xuan district) said that to catch this seafood species, special nets must be used. Crab fishing nets are usually about 3m high, the mesh is moderate, with a length from 1,000m to 2,000m.

“We set sail from 2am to 9am on the same day, then let the boat ashore. When we reached the sea about 7-8 nautical miles from the shore, determining the sea with crabs, we began to release our nets. After about 1-2 hours is to pull the net up,” said Mr. Long.

The nets are “sticky” full of crabs (Photo: Xuan Sinh).

Each crab fishing boat usually has 2-3 people. To ensure freshness and fat, after catching, crabs will be transported immediately to shore and then sold to traders. Currently, the purchase price at the wharf ranges from 150,000-200,000 VND/kg.(1$=25,000 VND)

“On average, each day our boat catches 2-3 nests of crabs. After deducting the money for oil, each person also earns about one million dongs”, Mr. Long added.

According to the fishermen here, the main season to catch this seafood species usually lasts from May to September. Although this is the end of the crab fishing season, the output is still high, so the fishermen are very excited. .

Fishermen remove crabs, collect them and sell them to small traders (Photo: Xuan Sinh).

“Not only my boat, but almost any boat that goes out to sea can also catch a lot of crabs. As soon as the boat arrives at the port, traders come to the place to buy it. Every night when fishing, one boat earns an average income. from 2 to 5 million dongs,” said Mr. Tran Van Manh (Xuan Yen commune).

Traders compete to buy (Photo: Xuan Sinh).

Ms. Tran Thi Hai, a trader from Ha Tinh city (Ha Tinh province) said, when she heard that fishermen in Xuan Yen commune caught a lot of crabs, she was here very early. About a week now, on average, she can buy about 60-80kg of crabs every day.

“This season, not all seas can catch crabs while the demand is high, so consumption is quite easy, there is no such thing. After purchasing, I distribute them to restaurants inside and outside the province. “, Ms. Hai said.

Crab is a delicious and nutritious seafood that is loved by many people (Photo: Xuan Sinh)

Crab is shaped like a crab, all live in rivers and seas, have hard shells, have claws and many legs. The color of the shell mixed with white flower spots is very eye-catching. This is a delicious and nutritious seafood species and is loved by many people because it is caught completely naturally and has not been farmed. Crab can be processed into simple but delicious dishes such as steaming, or cooking soup.

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