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Fishermen have a good fishing season

HA TINH – Ky Anh district’s sea is in the season of scabbardfish, fishermen can catch 70-80 kg per day, selling for 1-5 million VND (50-200$).

Over the past week, in the waters of Ky Phu commune, Ky Anh district, more than 100 boats with a capacity of 16-18 CV from offshore have parked about 30 meters from the shore full of fish tanks. Fishermen put fish in plastic bowls or net bags, anchor them with ropes, and divide each group of two people to use a pole to transport them to shore.

Fisherman Tran Xuan Tan, 56 years old, residing in Ky Phu commune, said that the fish season is from the end of October to the end of December of the lunar calendar. The fish that fishermen are catching are small, weighing 2-4 pounds, 20-30 cm long, living 1-3 nautical miles from shore, at a depth of 30-50 m, the transaction price at sea is 10,000 VND(0,4$)/kg. Boats set sail at 5am, return at 9-10am the same day.

Fishermen have a good fishing season
Fishermen carry scabbardfish to shore. Photo: Duc Hung

In addition, there is also a large fish of nearly a kilogram, 1-1.2 m long, priced at 80.00-100,000 VND/kg. Large fish live about 50 nautical miles from the shore, and must use boats with a capacity of over 200 CV to go to sea, each trip lasts 4-5 days. In the Ky Anh district, people mainly buy small boats to fish near the shore, few households go away for a long time.

Every day, fishermen control the boat “hunting”, dropping nets when detecting fish swimming below. Then they teamed up to collect the net and put it on the boat. “On a lucky day, the net catches a large fish channel, which can collect nearly 500 kg. Each time out to sea for 4-5 hours, a boat with 2-3 workers can catch 100-120 kg of scabbardfish”, Mr. Tan said.

In the middle of the morning, dozens of traders drove motorbikes, carrying buckets, lanes and plastic bowls of seafood waiting at the coast of Ky Phu commune to buy fish. When they saw the boat docked, they stood close to the water’s edge, approaching the fishermen who were carrying fish ashore to pay the price. Some large freezing facilities also send people to trade.

A woman is sorting scabbardfish. Photo: Duc Hung

Ms. Phan Thi Tam, 50 years old, a trader in Ky Anh district, said that the fish is very expensive, so she has to try to collect as much as possible to import for her partner. “Every day I can buy 40-50 kg, many days I’m lucky to get 90-100 kg,” Ms. Tam said.

In addition to importing to traders for 10,000 kg of small fish, many fishermen put fish in plastic buckets, take them home to store some as food, and then bring them to markets in the area to retail for a higher price of 4,000-4,000. 5,000 VND/kg compared to selling at the beach.

According to Mr. Nguyen Kien Quyet, Chairman of Ky Phu commune, on this occasion, each time a boat goes out to sea, on average, the boat collects one million dongs. In addition, a few large families, with large boats, fortunately, won 700-800 kg of scabbardfish, after deducting costs such as labor, fuel, and depreciation of fishing gear, they made a profit of 4-5 million dong. .

“The whole commune has 270 boats of all kinds, of which there are more than 100 fishing boats. Thanks to being hit by big fish, people are very excited, everyone takes advantage of going to sea to improve their family’s income,” he said. Decided to say.

Refrigerated trucks go to the beach in Ky Phu commune to buy fish. Photo: Duc Hung

Pitfish belong to the family Trichiuridae , flat body, smooth skin without scales, pointed head protruding forward, large eyes. The fish’s mouth is wide and has many large and small teeth in both jaws. This fish has little meat but firmness, can be processed in many dishes such as braised with turmeric, deep fried, grilled, cooked with sour soup…

In the past week, with favorable weather, fishermen in many districts in Ha Tinh took advantage of going out to sea and won big. On November 18, Mr. Duong Thanh, 54 years old, and 11 people in Thinh Loc commune, Loc Ha district, caught a catch of more than 4 tons of sturgeon after 10 hours at sea, earning about 100 million VND (4,000$).

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