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The 61-year-old explorer rode a bicycle 1,800km from North to South alone: ​​”Going to see Vietnam’s beauty”

“Going to see Vietnam is beautiful, to feel that my health is durable, to find the memories of the past that I kept,” confided traveler Dao Kim Trang (61 years old).

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When the bicycle rolled into the territory of Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Dao Kim Trang (61 years old, living in Ho Chi Minh City) softly shouted: “I can do it”. He had a total journey of 23 days, going from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City by bicycle, crossing the beautiful central coastal road, and the rice fields are ripe and golden.

From a young age, Mr. Trang has made many trips all over the country, crossing Lo Xo pass in Kon Tum, climbing Fansipan peak, crossing Truong Son forest… The trips have brought him a lot of experiences, living capital, filling the tourist map.

“In 1990, I rode a bicycle to explore the Southwest region and visit Nghe An. Since then, I have always cherished a dream of being able to cycle from the North to the South alone, contrary to the old route. Fortunately, my health after nearly 30 years still allows me to do that.I bought a ticket from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, and traveled to Lang Son, Ha Giang with my friends for about 15 days. Capital and buy the bike to start his journey.

I want to use a car made by Vietnamese people, to accompany it on a journey of nearly 1800km. From Hanoi, I started cycling towards Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An… and then headed to the Central region,” said Mr. Trang.

The 61-year-old explorer rode a bicycle 1,800km from North to South alone: ​​”Going to see Vietnam’s beauty”

The luggage he brought was a 3kg luggage bag

The luggage he carried was a 3kg bag, including 4 sets of clothes. However, the 61-year-old explorer still asserted that he “didn’t use up all the things he brought”. In each province, he stopped to admire the scenery, chat with the locals, find motels to do laundry.

During the journey from North to South, his heart has many times sobbed in front of the picturesque beach, the azure water embracing the white sand, the leaning coconut groves covering the small roof… A beautiful Vietnam appeared before his eyes.

He made the trip from North to South in 23 days

He said: “When I was young, I practiced sports a lot, so my health was very stable. On steep slopes, I had to walk. The most difficult part was the central coastal road, the temperature was up to high. 38 degrees, the sun shines directly on my face plus the strong wind makes me pedal quite slowly, losing strength to stop a lot.

Besides, the 142km long section from Dong Nai to Ho Chi Minh City was also quite difficult, I had to pedal continuously. The special thing is that during this journey of thousands of kilometers, I have never had to repair my car. And fortunately, my health is quite good to ensure that I can move every day.”

Alone but not lonely

“More than a decade ago, I went to the North by Highway 1, now I am going back to my old journey. I cycled and recalled the memories of that time. I visited the Liet Cemetery. Truong Son National Artist, stopped by the Cau Pagoda (Hoi An)… In every place, I stopped to take pictures and record memorable moments,” said Mr. Trang.

Although making the trip alone, Mr. Trang is still not “lonely”. “I have met a lot of kind people along the way. There are young boys and girls who saw me walking on the highway, stopped to ask if I needed any help.

I have never been “cut off” prices when eating and drinking along the way. In each province, I spend time chatting with locals or visiting old friends.

Mr. Trang on the top of Ngang Pass

The trip was a “test” of my fitness for myself, after almost 4-5 years of not riding a bike. And most of all, I think, every time you go is every time you study. At the age of 61, I still learn life skills, approach real stories, fill my own experiences about the lands across the country.

It is known that Mr. Trang received support from his family when he made this trip through Vietnam alone. Every day, he takes pictures to send home or call his wife and children at home.

“Through this trip, I want to convey the message of health and environmental protection to everyone. Even at the age of 60, I can still travel across the country by bicycle like when I was young. To do this During that time, I did not stop exercising, keeping an optimistic spirit”, Mr. Trang confided.

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