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The engagement party of the ‘crazy Doraemon’ couple

BAC LIEU- Because of his love for the Doraemon series, young couple Khanh Lam and Xuan Khanh spent half a year collecting items related to a mechanical cat for their big day.

Xuan Khanh groom, 29 years old, jokes that his wife has only loved him for six years but has been in love with the mechanical cat since he could read. Khanh Lam’s family has a bookstore, so since childhood, he has been exposed to many comic books and word stories. She has only love for the Doraemon series.

“I am so crazy about this character that my family or friends go out and play, just buy something with a Mon image for me to know I’m happy, not necessarily the specialty of the place,” the 28-year-old bride, are sharing with her future husband in Bac Lieu.

Lam and Khanh’s love is also strengthened by this common Japanese comic book hobby. They originally planned to have a wedding in 2020, because the translation was delayed. Thanks to that, the young couple has time to prepare for a different wedding.

“From half a year ago, we started outlining what the Doraemon concept wedding was and started to prepare,” said the bride.

The easiest part of the process is to tell the parent the idea. Both sides know that Doraemon is a madman, so they are neither surprised nor opposed. And the “most difficult” stitch is the preparation of the casket because at first the standard casket was only plain blue.

Lam’s mother put the casket to Bac Lieu for Lam and Khanh to decorate, then sent it back to Ho Chi Minh City for the groom’s family to make a dragon phoenix. Due to the high casket, the two families were nearly 300 km apart, so on the way to eat and ask the groom’s family was nervous, only afraid of peeling. Luckily at the girl’s house, the caskets were still intact.

The wedding took place on March 25, from the background, tablecloths, water bottles, wedding flowers, cakes, the outfits of the bride, the groom and the bridesmaids, and the bridegroom all wore a distinctive blue color.

The bride likes the most two Mon cakes given by two close friends. The engagement board tied with each stuffed Mon, mixed with fresh flowers, also impressed guests.

The engagement party of the ‘crazy Doraemon’ couple

Lam’s mother-in-law even gave her a Doraemon jewelry set. She went to 4 gold shops to buy the right way.

All the items on display at the interview were easy to find. Particularly for the rare items, Lam and Khanh agreed to “hide” in the wedding room. The 30-square-meter room has Doraemon everywhere, from stuffed animals, shoes, hats, bags, cases, suitcases …

“Among them I love this lego set the most, as the Big Mon alone has 8,000 pieces assembled. My husband bought it and sat for a week to assemble this gift for me, ”said Khanh Lam.

Most were “stunned” when they entered their room, Lam said. This “fortune” also has a great contribution from friends and relatives of both, so the young couple is very respectful.

The engagement ceremony with a funny and fancy color font also seems to make guests excited. Looking at everyone excited, the young couple became even more happy in their happy day.

They plan to decorate weddings in Bac Lieu and Ho Chi Minh City in July in this style.

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