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9X Bac Ninh homemade 6-wheel Rolls-Royce: As big as a real car, costing about 350 million VND

The car simulates Rolls-Royce with 6 wheels made of wood and is about the size of a class A car.

Mr. Truong Van Dao – the owner of the ND channel – Woodworking Art – shared that his latest project is to simulate the world’s first 6-wheel Rolls-Royce Phantom. Anh Dao is famous for his wooden car model works, adding an engine to carry his son out. His products have caused a “storm” of domestic and international online communities, including Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR, Lamborghini Sian, Bugatti Centodieci,…

The latest project he completed is a homemade 6-wheel Rolls-Royce Phantom, which simulates the world’s most unique car currently owned by a car enthusiast in France. Mr. Dao said this project he completed in 120 days with a cost of about 350 million dongs.Photo: Internet (

9X Bac Ninh homemade 6-wheel Rolls-Royce: As big as a real car, costing about 350 million VND

Mr. Dao’s 6-wheeled Rolls-Royce Phantom and prototype in France (black).

Like all other works, Mr. Dao will research the design of the car model online and then sketch the details on paper before starting to build. The floor of the car is always deployed first, followed by details such as wheels, body frame, etc. Almost all are made of wood.

Compared to the models of Mr. Dao’s cars that have been completed, this Rolls-Royce is quite large, reaching 4.1 m x 1.55 m x 1.4 m (DxRxC), which is as big as an umbrella. real bowl. The vehicle length is even slightly higher than the A-class cars currently on the market. The difference compared to the previous works is that the trunk compartment to carry the rear items is made more.

The exterior stands out with the yellow LED lighting system. The front of the car appears a “flying lady” like a real Rolls-Royce. Wheel details are taken from real cars, fitted and added shaped wood panels on the outside. The car door opens upside down and the location for the umbrella to cover the rain is also simulated by Mr. Dao like the prototype

Inside the car there are two wooden seats. The dashboard area is designed to resemble a normal Phantom car with round louvers, 3 illustrative clocks in the dashboard area to display vehicle parameters,… In front of the driver is a glass panel. mica form to avoid dust and rain.

Regarding the vehicle’s drive system, Mr. Dao said that this homemade Rolls-Royce Phantom is equipped with an electric motor to be able to move within a short range, around the living area. The powertrain uses an electric motor connected to the steering wheel, and can move forward and backward at will.

Photo: ND – Woodworking Art

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