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Experience of taking a 9-month-old baby on a long trip

Ignoring the reminder “I’m too young to know or feel anything”, Minh Huyen still decided to take her 9-month-old baby to Da Lat.

Husband and wife Minh Huyen – Hai Dang gave birth to baby Ha Vy (named at home, Crab) in July 2021, right at the time of the epidemic. Since birth, Crab has only stayed at home with her parents. The first time she went out when she was 6 months old, Crab returned to her mother’s hometown in Phu Tho to celebrate Tet but only stayed at home. “As long as you can avoid the epidemic, you will be happy for a long time. I’m okay as an adult, if I get Covid, I will love my children very much”, Minh Huyen shared.

After Tet, back in Hanoi, Crab continues to be “hidden” by her mother in the house. By March, she had a disordered sleep schedule, waking up at 2-3 am and staying awake. This is when Minh Huyen decided to give Cua his first trip to Da Lat to change the environment and atmosphere.

Experience of taking a 9-month-old baby on a long trip
Husband and wife Minh Huyen – Hai Dang and baby Crab during a trip to Dalat in late March and early April.

In her head, she told herself to be determined, but the 9x mother constantly thought and hesitated before making the trip. Huyen was afraid that the crab would be tired when going away and would cry on the plane… However, with the support of her husband, Huyen decided to buy a ticket because she was afraid of much hesitation. “After booking the ticket, if you regret the money, you have to go anyway,” Huyen laughed. Some friends asked Huyen why not wait until her child is a little older and then go to let her “know, still feel” and parents will have less trouble. “But the child keeps growing but doesn’t get smaller again. Letting him go out is a memory not only for him but also for the whole family. We can go from now on, the older child can continue. The ‘mortification’ is mainly due to me, so just be brave,” Huyen shared.

Many people prevented it, but Cua’s trip was supported by her grandparents. When informed, the grandmother supported: “Now that Covid has started to normal, it’s okay to stay at home” while the grandmother witty teased: “Nhat Cua, you haven’t been to Da Lat yet”. Talking about the reason for choosing Da Lat as a destination, Huyen said that the couple had gone a few times, so this time having a crab is not too important a place, but determining the type of rest and letting their children breathe fresh air.

Crabs are good and happy when taking photos at Lam Vien Square on March 28.

The trip was nearly 2 weeks, from March 27 to April 7. Huyen said, with the cooperation of Crab and her mother’s “gimmicky”, the family went to many places, such as Lam Vien square, Xuan Huong lake, Da Lat market , Domaine church, and Don Bosco monastery, slopes . House of Cows , Chika Farm, Linh Phuoc Pagoda … and some coffee shops, went to pick strawberries.

On the first day of arriving in Da Lat, Crab screamed, her face was cheerful and cheerful, making the couple happy and saw that the trip was right. During the journey, the 9-month-old girl played well and did not wake up at night as she did at home. Going to each amusement park, the baby is interested in looking around, “surprised” when he sees something strange. “I think my child’s immature head is absorbing new things. Even though I can’t remember it later, I can still review the photos my parents took,” Huyen confided.

I can’t speak yet, but Minh Huyen can feel the joy when I come to Da Lat. Those are the times when the baby screams non-stop, or when Cua sits on a chair to take pictures, she is praised by the aunts and uncles for being cute and asks to take a picture of her. The trip also left many memorable memories for parents, such as going to a restaurant, when the food came up, the child cried so he had to pack it to take it home, or once he went to a coffee shop, he fell asleep, so Huyen had to sit with him. I let the baby sleep for a full night and then come back…

Some difficulties in the journey are that the furniture is so bulky that it is quite difficult to move. Huyen often hears taxi drivers ask “How many people are there, but there’s so much stuff?”. Another difficulty is that the time to go out depends on the “small roof”. Normally, Crab stays up for more than two hours to go to bed, husband and wife have to watch the time so that their parents get up first to prepare food, wait until the child wakes up to eat, and then go out. However, there were days when the baby woke up after eating and vomited, or after taking a bath, the baby fell asleep, so the whole family chose to stay at home. Therefore, Huyen also let the trip last for nearly two weeks to have plenty of time.

The successful trip made the couple happy and excited. Huyen said that after working hard to earn money to live or hang around in a familiar house, she hopes that other parents will have a fun and meaningful trip with their young children. She also noted that, in order for the trip to be perfect, the father plays an important role, as a pillar, taking good care of the “small roof” and “big roof”.

“No matter how far or near, as long as we are family together, it will forever be a beautiful memory in our happy journey. Children only have one life, so do parents, so let’s spend these moments together They were very happy together,” Huyen confided.

Some experiences for Minh Huyen’s 9-month-old baby to travel:

By plane:

When the plane takes off, the baby should have something to play with if he is awake. If your baby uses a pacifier, always carry it with him or her. During flight time, parents interact and play with their children. If your child is sleepy, try to put him to sleep so that he does not oversleep. Before you go on a plane, let your child test drive a car, if the child walks well, does not fuss or gets car sick, it is likely that his nerves will be stable and he will not cry when flying.

Supplies to prepare:

You should make a list of items that need to be taken away, divided into groups of food, clothing, toys, pajamas, body care items, medicine… After arranging any group of items, the suitcase will always be added to the list, so you don’t have to worry about missing out. For babies about 9 months old, carrying a sling is enough because it is compact and easy to move. If you bring a stroller, you must rent a self-drive car or take a taxi. The stroller can check the plane, so families who bring it don’t have to worry.


Parents should pay attention to renting places that have a kitchen because the baby is in the weaning period, and there is a refrigerator to store pumped milk for the baby to eat. Minh Huyen prioritizes independent apartments to avoid noise and comfort for babies to sleep without startling.

How to get your baby to focus on the camera:

In order to take pictures of babies in a strange environment, parents need to focus, for example, when taking a picture of a baby, the father should sit next to him and call him, sing or read a poem he likes, use something he likes or curiously wave his hand. Let the baby look. Try to take a lot to filter out good photos.

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