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Going home to avoid the epidemic, 9X decided to stay on Phu Quy island to take pictures of the fishing village, every month there are nearly a hundred guests

Leaving the bustling city, a young man from Phu Quy (Binh Thuan) started his career by taking photos for tourists to let more people know about this beautiful island.

Hometown cha cha cha Vietnamese version through the eyes of a lover

After graduating from high school and returning to serve as a police officer, Thanh Long (born in 1998, Ngu Phung commune, Phu Quy district) went to Ho Chi Minh City to do all kinds of jobs, cook, grab, ticket salesman. at the cinema.

When he just got used to the job, the Covid-19 epidemic hit, causing Long to return to his hometown to avoid the epidemic. In his spare time for nearly half a year, the young man went around the island near his house to kill time.

” When I returned home from unemployment, I did not expect that it was the time when I discovered the beauty of my homeland the most. If I had only worked hard with books and computers before, this time I suddenly realized that Phu Quy is very beautiful. Like a charm when the island district was opened to tourism on the 2nd of the Lunar New Year in 2022, I received the help of some friends and decided to change direction to the service industry “, Long confided.

The portrait of the owner of many photos of Phu Quy island is loved on social networks.

Although his family was not supportive at first, with the advantage of understanding the island and with the enthusiasm of his youth, Long was soon known to many people.

Besides selling tours, Long’s main and favorite job is taking photos for tourists during each trip.

During the tourist season in the island district in the first 3 months of the year and in the summer, each month Long takes pictures for about 80-100 guests.

It’s sunny and windy on the island, but after each trip, he always feels full of energy when he gets to know new friends and brothers and sisters.

The island is beautiful, idyllic in the eyes of a local boy.

In his free time, Long wanders around the island taking pictures of nature and people in his countryside. Then he shared that beautiful moment on social networking travel forums so that more people knew about Phu Quy.

Most of the photos were taken by the guy with his smartphone, but every moment is extremely loving and attractive.

“Want people to know my Phu Quy more”

The more attached to photography, the more Long loves his hometown. ” In the early days of changing my career, I was also quite confused, but when I talk with tourists who love Phu Quy, I appreciate my decision even more. Sticking with this profession is that I want people to know my Phu Quy more. “, Long confided.

Going home to avoid the epidemic, 9X decided to stay on Phu Quy island to take pictures of the fishing village, every month there are nearly a hundred guests
Some beautiful moments Long captured for tourists in Phu Quy.

During each trip, he also did not forget to introduce to visitors about the beauty and stories around the island known as the Hometown cha cha cha Vietnamese version.

In order to preserve the fresh and unspoiled beauty of Phu Quy, Long often reminds visitors about avoiding littering and waste as well as not using drones to take pictures on the island.

In the future, Long plans to learn more about bartending to serve tourists in the evening when visiting the island.

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