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Korean customers see Mui Ne as a fiction movie

BINH THUAN – Standing at Bau Trang, Park Myung-gi imagines sand dunes that can transform and swallow everything like in the movie “Dune: Sand Planet”.

Park Myung-gi , a reporter for the Korean newspaper Asean Express , arrived in Mui Ne after a 4-hour drive from Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa). He was impressed with the beauty of the sand dunes, likening them to scenes from the sci-fi blockbuster “Dune: Sand Planet”.

Korean customers see Mui Ne as a fiction movie
Desert in the movie Dune: Sand Planet. Photo: Warner Bros

Park said that the image of riding a jeep on the sand dunes, in the sunrise and sunset, makes an impression on the minds of many Korean tourists. Mui Ne as a phenomenon, when a series of Korean TV channels introduced the destination as “a visible desert in Southeast Asia”. Park said that the desert is just a metaphor for the towering sand dunes in Mui Ne.

Park woke up early to be able to watch the sunrise. He took the jeep from about 5 o’clock, when it was still dark. The breeze blowing through the open window was cool, making him feel relaxed. Korean tourists say to each other: “When the sun starts to rise, you will take photos of a lifetime”.

The jeep carrying Park stopped in front of Bau Trang . To climb the dunes, he had to switch to a more specialized vehicle. When he arrived, Park regretted that the sunrise had ended, but observed and saw many tourists still shouting in amazement at the beauty of this place, posing for pictures, in which almost everyone stood with their arms wide open.

Bau Trang saw from above. Photo: Ha Duy Anh

In an hour of visiting Bau Trang, you can observe Bau Sen and the wind power field in the distance. Park was surprised to hear that the sand dunes can transform into 18 colors in a day. “A picture of nature full of mysteries. I stand here and imagine the dunes can transform and swallow everything like in the movie Dune,” Park said.

Then, from the top of the hill, the jeep carrying him plunged downhill to Bau Sen like an oasis in the desert. Next, he went to the Red Sand Dunes , looking directly at the fishing port of Mui Ne. However, it wasn’t sunny so the red wasn’t as clear as he had imagined. Like every other visitor, he hikes to the top and slides the sand down from a funnel-shaped, crater-like valley. This scene reminded Park of the giant monster’s mouth in the movie Dune.

Leaving the sand dunes like fiction movies, Park moved to fish villages, fish markets and Fairy Stream . Here, he feels like stepping into a fairy tale with waterfalls, red cliffs and orange-red streams that are only ankle-deep, flowing forever.

Phan Thiet – Mui Ne beach used to be in the top 10 sea tourist destinations in the world. Photo: Huy Thoai

Mui Ne has many things that make Korean tourists excited, that is, the coastline is more than 10 km long. The sea water is not as clear as other famous landmarks, but the waves are strong, and suitable for sports like surfing. He likens Mui Ne to Hajodae beach in Yangyang, his hometown.

Sitting and eating coconut ice cream at a beachfront cafe, Park enjoyed the strong sea breeze while listening to the sound of the waves crashing. “Mui Ne is like a music box of nature. Natural sound comes out and you don’t have to put in a penny or wind up the wind,” he describes.

(According to Asean Express )

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