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Discover the Beauty of Binh Thuan Sand Dunes

Different from the vastness of the sea or the green color of the mountains and forests, the sand dunes of Binh Thuan bring the beauty of a golden sky with the color of sand. Under the morning sun, the sand dunes undulate in the wind, but when the sun goes down, the whole area becomes bright yellow, shimmering, and magical…

If you are a backpacking enthusiast, passionate about exploring experiences, then besides going to the forest and down to the sea, there is another land that is extremely attractive to you, which is conquering the sand “deserts”. . Nature in Binh Thuan is really harsh, but it is nature that has endowed this place with many wonderful and beautiful lands.

Bau Trang Sand Dunes – Binh Thuan

White sandhill, also known as Bau Trang, is located in Binh Thuan, in the territory of Hong Lam village, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district. The beauty of Bau Trang is a wild and rustic beauty with white sand beaches, with the sound of the waves whispering like magic, attracting beauty lovers to this place to find inspiration for artistic creation. art. Bau Trang consists of two large lakes, Bau Ong and Bau Ba, with a pile of white sand separating the two lakes. In the lotus season, the whole lake is covered with lotus flowers, so it is also called Bau Sen with rich flora such as perch, snakehead, catfish, grass carp… 

Discover the Beauty of Binh Thuan Sand Dunes

The lake is surrounded by white sand slopes mixed with pink lotus lake and beautiful undulating dark sand dunes. To explore and conquer the desert in Bau Trang, you use 2 types of vehicles such as motorbikes running on the sand and boats to explore the immense water. The feeling of sitting on motorbikes to explore the beauty of Bau Trang is an attractive destination that should not be missed when traveling to Bau Trang.

Mui Ne Sand Dunes – Binh Thuan

Referring to Mui Ne, everyone must immediately think of the sand dunes running along the sea. The most famous thing to mention is Cat Bay hill, Cat Bay hill was formed a long time ago, stretching over a wide area of ​​nearly 50ha, there are different shades of sand here. Not only yellow but also ivory white, dark red, light red… mixed together to create a beautiful scene. The reason it is called Bay Sand Dunes is that the shape of the sand dunes often changes and deforms, creating impressive geographical formations. From the sandhill, you can zoom in to see the whole view of Mui Ne with a vast blue of the sea.
Mui Dinh – Ninh Thuan

Compared to a “little Mongolia” of Vietnam, this place still retains a very wild look, the sea is close to the sand dunes, but even in the sand dunes area, there are also depressions, forming the sand dunes. Small ponds and lakes are next to each other. The sand is white and smooth, the water is sparkling and clear in the sunlight, making space here beautiful, unreal, and indescribably emotional.

Nam Cuong Sand Dunes – Ninh Thuan

About 8km southeast of Phan Rang city, Nam Cuong sand hill belongs to Tuan Tu village of Cham people, An Hai commune, Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan. Coming to Nam Cuong, you will see the multi-layered sand dunes connecting each other and then soaring to the eye like a talented arrangement of the land of sunshine and wind. 
On the high hills, you can see the blue Dong Hai sea and the southwest is Cha Bang, the legendary mountain range of the Cham people. 

The best time to admire the sand dunes is at dawn, the first blue rays of sunlight spread over the golden sands, revealing layers of light and dark “colour resolution”, then gradually turning orange. pale. If you have the opportunity to come to the sand dunes on windy days, you will have the opportunity to witness the surprising and continuous change of the shape of the sand dunes. The sand dunes stretch as vast as a dreamy silk strip in the sun and wind.

Son Hai Sand Dunes – Ninh Thuan

Located not far from Mui Dinh, Son Hai fishing village along the coast of Ninh Thuan has many beautiful and unspoiled landscapes. Once coming to this land, you can’t help but admire the beauty that nature bestows on this place with sand dunes running close to the sea, some dunes rising into high sand dunes one after another, creating a natural scene. majestic nature. 

When you come here, you will be attracted by the emerald green puddles created by underground water sources and small streams, with many strange shapes that look like you are lost in Dubai.

The ideal time to visit the beautiful sand dunes in Binh Thuan

Binh Thuan belongs to a tropical climate that is sunny and windy all year round, so in any season, the sand dunes in Binh Thuan also bring a charm of their own to attract tourists. However, it will be best if you visit here from September to February because at this time the air is quite cool and pleasant, the sun is no longer harsh, making your skin and eyes uncomfortable.

In addition, if you want to admire the most beautiful moment on the sand dunes as well as take the best photos, then come here early in the morning from 5 to 8 am or in the afternoon from about 5 pm onwards. I go, this moment of harmony between day and night, between darkness and light will make you fall in love with age.

Super beautiful sunrise on the sand hill (Photo @chinspeedy)

Of course, in order to save beautiful memories at the sand dunes, you should be a little groomed and groomed in your costumes, the graceful and colorful outfits such as yellow, red, orange, purple … will make The picture is super cool, if you can invest in nomadic or Mongolian costumes for the sur tone with the landscape, it will be even better.

Dressing up in beautiful clothes is a virtual life that faints (Photo @huyenbi_sam)

It can be said that, besides the emerald green beaches, the beautiful sand dunes in Binh Thuan are also an ideal place to stop for the “virtual life grinding” association.

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