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Quang Tri tourism admires the beautiful Nhi Ha golden sandhill

The golden sandhill at Nhi Ha is known as the “little desert” in the middle of the delta, becoming an attractive destination for tourists when having the opportunity to come to Quang Tri. Coming to this famous sandhill, visitors will enjoy the beautiful scenery and virtual life. 

Where is the Golden Sand Dunes at Nhi Ha?

The Golden Sand Dunes at Nhi Ha are located in the village of Nhi Ha, Gio Linh District, Quang Tri Province, about 10km east of National Highway 1A. This is also the only remaining sandhill in Quang Tri, possessing a beautiful golden sand color. Sand dunes are about 30 meters high and divided into hills lying side by side to shield the monsoon and sand for people. 

Quang Tri tourism admires the beautiful Nhi Ha golden sandhill
Golden Sand Dunes of Ha Quang Tri

To move to this famous sandhill, you first need to go to Gio Linh Quang Tri by plane, bus or motorbike. Currently in Quang Tri there is no airport, so for those who are far away like Hanoi, you can go to Dong Hoi airport (Quang Binh), then take a bus to Gio Linh. For those of you who live in Saigon, you can ride a bus or motorbike, information about the route you can look up at google maps. 

When you reach Gio Linh town , you will follow the direction of the road 75B to Cua Viet, then continue about 6km, and you will see a beautiful golden sandhill in Quang Tri . 

The golden sand hill at Nhi Ha owns a beautiful natural scene

Explore the golden sand hill at Ha Quang Tri

What’s the interesting thing about the Golden Sand Dunes ? The sand dunes are hidden under the wavy sand dunes and the casuarina ranges straight like a miniature desert in the middle of the village of Nhi Ha. The hallway of the sand hill makes visitors admire their praise right from the first visit. Nhi Ha sand dunes become a destination attracting tourists who love the wild natural scenery. 

Admire the sunset in the sand hill at Nhi Ha

The most ideal time to admire the Nhi Ha sand hill is at dawn or sunset. At that time, the whole sun emerges of undulating sand dunes and glows brightly across a beautiful, fanciful, beautiful sky, that’s when visitors feel relaxed amidst the tranquil scenery and mingle with nature. , dispel all fatigue of life. 

Sand dunes become a tourist attraction in Quang Tri
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Although located in the terrain of white sand, but the special thing is that the golden sand hill at Nhi Ha always has golden sand. Many seniors living in the village of Nhi Ha said that in the past, an iron mine existed in this sand hill for a long time, so the color of the sand was so beautiful and shiny. 

When moving to the top of the sandhill, visitors will admire the lighthouse and Cua Viet beach from afar. In the afternoon, visitors will enjoy each cool breeze coming from the seaport to relax your soul. Many tourists choose Nhi Ha sand hill as a place to camp or sleep overnight together to watch the moon and admire the beautiful sand dune at night. 

Peaceful natural scene in the sand hill of Nhi Ha

Called “small desert”, however, all scenes in the golden sand hill at Nhi Ha are always green and rich because the soil in the sand hill always has certain humidity. The area at the bottom of the sand hill is rows of melaleuca and casuarina trees planted by the local people to avoid sand flowing into the village. In the area of ​​the Nhi Ha sand hill, there are ore rocks with all colors attracting tourists to visit and take pictures. 

Iron ores of all colors in the sand hill of Nhi Ha

Besides admiring the beauty of the sand dunes, visitors can also learn about the heroic five months of the national history. Also because of the wall of sand dunes that the enemy could not occupy and also the residence of revolutionary soldiers. In this sand hill, many heroes sacrificed their youth for national independence. 

Visit the famous tourist destinations in Gio Linh

Explore the golden sand hill at Nhi Ha , visitors can combine to explore many famous places in Gio Linh district such as: 

Truong Son National Martyrs Cemetery: Is a burial place for soldiers who died in the war against the US. Truong Son cemetery has always been the place to attract oil tourists in Gio Linh district in particular and Quang Tri in general. 

– The relic area of ​​Hien Luong and Ben Hai rivers: This place possesses a lyrical beautiful natural scenery and is also a beautiful virtual live check-in place that is loved by young people. 

– Cua Viet Beach: The famous beach in Quang Tri attracts visitors with its wild beauty. Coming to Cua Viet beach, visitors will relax with cool water and participate in many attractive entertainment games right on the beach. 

Explore Cua Viet Quang Tri beach

– Ben Tat Suspension Bridge: This famous site is associated with the struggle in 1973, was used to transport goods from the rear relay to the front. 

The golden sand dunes of Nhi Ha have become the pride of the people of Quang Tri, with a wild and beautiful landscape associated with the nation’s heroic victories. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit the fire land of Quang Tri, you should once visit the Nhi Ha sand hill to admire and learn. 

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