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Wake up to the sun at sunrise spots in Phan Thiet

Traveling to Phan Thiet, enjoying the early morning in the fresh air of the sea and sand dunes is definitely an unforgettable experience. So come here, don’t forget to wake up to the sun! Let’s find out right away the most famous sunrise spots in Phan Thiet. 

1. Mui Ne fishing village – the famous sunrise spot in Phan Thiet 

The name on the list of sunrise spots in Phan Thiet must be mentioned in the fishing village of Mui Ne. For a long time, this place has become a famous tourist destination and also a great location for hunting dawn. 

Wake up to the sun at sunrise spots in Phan Thiet
Sunrise in Mui Ne fishing village 
The scene of busy boats coming in and out is really peaceful 

The sunrise scene in Mui Ne fishing village is not only adorned by the sun’s rays but also a unique image of hundreds of boats floating on the water. Combined with the bustling life of the fishing village people. 

Welcoming the dawn here, you can take very deep photos too 

2. Cape Ke Ga – a beautiful sunrise viewing spot in Phan Thiet 

About 50km from the center of Phan Thiet, Ke Ga Cape is known as a sunrise viewing spot in Phan Thiet that you should not miss. Here is the oldest and tallest lighthouse in Southeast Asia with a height of up to 35m. 

Ke Ga Lighthouse
(Photo: anhtuyetanh)

Coming to Ke Ga Cape, visitors can wake up very early, climb from one rock to another to find the highest position to experience the feeling of being closer to the sun. When the sun began to rise, the whole space was red in the rays of the sun with hazy clouds. Somewhere far away, the image of fishermen working hard in the light of a new day. 

(Photo: hono.taki.2909)

3. Bau Trang – the favorite sunrise spot in Phan Thiet 

Referring to Bau Trang , if you only know that place with endless sand dunes, driving, and camel riding experiences, it is a pity. Because more than anywhere else, there is a very interesting experience in Bau Trang that you should try which is watching the sunrise. 

(Photo: phuongengl)
Looks like you can embrace the sun 

With the white color of the sand combined with the green lotus color, plus the bright red sunrise, surely no one who loves nature can resist being moved by that landscape. 

(Photo: kimtrinh____)
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4. Mui Ne flying sand dunes – the sunrise viewing spot in Phan Thiet cannot be missed 

Coming to Mui Ne flying sand dunes, dawn is the most beautiful moment to visit. Because in the morning, when it is not yet hot, the air is very fresh and the scenery is also very wonderful. The feeling of sitting on a sandhill waiting for the first rays of the sun to appear in the distant sky is like waiting for the fireworks of New Year’s Eve. 

Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes
Watching the sunrise on the sand dunes is really an expensive experience

In the early morning, with the sun’s rays leaning on the sand surface, the scenery in Mui Ne sandhill appears as an enchanting masterpiece. Then only a moment later, the sky gradually brightened, leaving nostalgic emotions that are difficult to describe in words. 

(Photo: ngoclantrg_)

5. Phu Quy Island – a peaceful sunrise spot in Phan Thiet 

Phu Quy Island is one of the beautiful sunrise spots in Phan Thiet. Here there are many places to enjoy the sunrise such as Trieu Duong Bay, Thay Nai Palace, Bo Ke Ngu Phung,… However, the most beautiful coordinates are still at the top of the mountain of Linh Son Pagoda. Standing from here, you can zoom your eyes away, when the sun begins to emerge, it will create a dark pink and orange color on the sky, so the sky is romantic and seductive. 

(Photo: lee.halinh)
(Photo: bongflicka)
Watch the sunrise from the top of Cao Cat mountain

6. Phan Thiet Beach – a popular sunrise viewing spot in Phan Thiet 

The places to watch the sunrise in Phan Thiet are already great, but if you are too far from those points or wake up a little late, you can fight the fire by immediately running to the beaches along Phan Thiet – Mui Ne. to catch the dawn. 

Phan Thiet owns many wonderful beaches 
(Photo: kimthien.99)

If you come to Doi Duong beach, you will feel the rhythm of the daily life of local people in the early morning. At that time, everyone went to the beach to exercise and walk by the beach. Sunrise on the sea always brings attractive attraction by charm and peace. 

(Photo: Quyen Boo)

Just one morning when you wake up to hunt for the first rays of the day at sunrise viewing spots in Phan Thiet, you will be able to see with your own eyes a masterpiece of nature. It will not be a waste of time if you choose Phan Thiet as a tourist destination in your travel journey. 

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