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Discover beautiful Binh Thuan through 7 memorable experiences

1️. Driving a motorbike on Bau Trang road

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Only about 60km from the center of Phan Thiet, Bau Trang is a collection of sand hills and many lakes filled with lotuses. Therefore, this place is also favored by the tourism associated with the name "Small Saharan" in the heart of Binh Thuan.

Image: Mavis Vi Vu Ky

This is considered one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam. 2 straight roads parallel to one side is the deep blue sea, super beautiful photography is equal to any road trip abroad. Beautiful yellow buses sell water here, creating a prominent highlight between the blue and white background. The best time to visit Bau Trang is in the summer when the weather is dry, and the lotus flowers are in full bloom.

Image: Mavis Vi Vu Ky

2️. Walking in dunes

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Flying Sand Dunes is located near Hon Rom Beach, Mui Ne, about 25km from Phan Thiet City. This is an attractive tourist attraction in Mui Ne that visitors must pay attention to when visiting Phan Thiet. Dunes don't have a specific shape; they change shape by hour, day, or month. The change due to wind or sandstorm blows away layers of sand on the surface with the wind, creating many shapes different from the original.

Image: Mavis Vi Vu Ky

The Golden Sand Dunes have many colors, such as red, white, pink, gray-white, and red-black, in which red sand and yellow sand make up most of this dune. Each sand color is located in different areas, not mixed, so it is easily distinguished. The overall dune is not red due to the sand but because the sun's reflection at sunset has created a red background covering the dunes.There is also a sandboarding service or an off-road jeep ride, an exciting experience visitors should take advantage of.

3️. Visit Mui Ne Fishing Village

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If you are a "foodie," you cannot ignore the fishing village of Mui Ne in your itinerary to visit Binh Thuan. Located on Huynh Thuc Khang Street, the fishing village runs along the coast about 1km long and 1km from Mui Ne market. In particular, this place is only 200m from the bus station, so it is easy to find.

Image: Mavis Vi Vu Ky

This is a super beautiful place, with colorful and vibrant basket boats, moored off the blue sea background. From above, the image of the fishing village is crowded with basket boats and densely populated, just like the pictures seen in books. Coming here, you will experience the peaceful life and fishing of the residents. You should book a hotel near the fishing village in time to participate in the market at about 6-7 am and buy fresh seafood to bring home. If you are a sunset lover, come here in the afternoon because the fishing village of Mui Ne is one of the places to hunt beautiful sunsets!

4️. Sit and chill at Ong Dia rock

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The stone beach is located in Ham Tien Ward, Phan Thiet City, about 10km from the city center. Therefore, you can travel by motorbike or car. This place is famous for its chain of pristine beaches and many exciting folk stories handed down by the people.

Image: Mavis Vi Vu Ky

The people initially named "Ong Dia" because this place has a rocky outcrop shaped like the land and faces the mainland. Even the image of the local man here is considered a belief for the lucky and safe sailing trips of fishermen.This is where the stacked rocks form a unique bridge to the sea. Come here for a walk in the early morning or late afternoon; listening to the sound of waves crashing is chill. Nearby there is also a beach for those who love to swim.

5️. Watch the sunrise on Mui Ne beach

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It would be best to get up at 4:30 to prepare everything to move to the beach at about 5 am. At this time, you can swim or walk in the sea and then slowly dawn will rise. At this time, people haven't woken up yet, so everything is still very peaceful. This is the ideal time to watch the sunrise in Mui Ne.

Image: Mavis Vi Vu Ky

The sunrise scene in Mui Ne fishing village is adorned by the sun's rays and a unique image of hundreds of boats floating on the water, combined with the bustling life of the fishing village people.You can rent a homestay near the sea, get up early in the morning to go to the sea and start your day entirely with the sunrise on the sea.

6. Check-in at Fan Field

Binh Thuan has three fan fields for you to discover during your trip (Tuy Phong, Dai Phong, and Phu Quy Island). In particular, the field in Tuy Phong attracts the most followers because of its large area (about 400ha), ease of moving, and stunning nature.

Image: VTC News

Although it is a new check-in coordinate for young people, these fan fields still attract many visitors because of the beautiful European-like scenery with blue sky, white clouds, and spreading lawns. In particular, Tuy Phong also has artichoke flowers that bloom brightly from October - March next year.

7. Ke Ga Cape

As the name suggests, Ke Ga gathers many uniquely shaped stones that randomly fold into the shape of a chicken's head. About 30km from the center of Phan Thiet, this is an exciting place to stop after exploring check-in locations in Binh Thuan.

Image: Nguyen Phuong

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