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Summer is here, let’s set up a team to ‘break the island’ of the Tien Thanh Binh Thuan tourist area!

Besides modern and lavish Phan Thiet or a vibrant and bustling Lagi, Tien Thanh Binh Thuan tourist area in Ham Thuan Nam with its peaceful and fresh beauty also makes visitors “collapse”.

Located on provincial road 719, in Tien Thanh commune, Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province and about 33km from Phan Thiet city center, Tien Thanh beach resort with a peaceful and fresh space is one of the extremely HOT destinations in the Central region in the summer.

How to move to Tien Thanh tourist area in Binh Thuan?

From the center of Phan Thiet city, you move by motorbike or car to the northwest to Tran Binh Trong and turn into 715 street, then follow Vo Nguyen Giap and Nguyen Thong streets to Hung Vuong Bridge / Hung Vuong street at Phu Hai, then follow Nguyen Gia Tu street to Ton Duc Thang at Xuan An.

At North Phan Thiet roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto National Highway 1A towards Ho Chi Minh City, come to Suoi Cat roundabout, take the 2nd exit to Tran Quy Cap, then turn right onto Au Co street, Then connect to Lac Long Quan or provincial road 719 to Tien Thanh tourist area .

What’s attractive about Tien Thanh Binh Thuan tourist area?

Picturesque scenery

Tien Thanh Resort was built on Tien Thanh beach running along provincial road 719, from Phan Thiet to La Gi town, so there is no noise and bustle of the city, but it is always peaceful and clear.

Very peaceful space (Photo @soo_rie)

This place impresses with the white sand beach stretching to the top, curved like a crescent moon, embracing the clear, turquoise sea water, sometimes in the distance there are a few rocks with shapes Uniquely protruding from the water, looking like fish reaching up to bask in the sun, extremely impressive.

Summer is here, let’s set up a team to ‘break the island’ of the Tien Thanh Binh Thuan tourist area!
Impressive protruding rocks (Photo @nguyhuongha)

Every time, Tien Thanh Binh Thuan tourist area has a different beauty, but the most attractive is at dawn, when the sun dyes the sand and water pink or at sunset, both The surface of the sea seems to be inlaid with sparkling gold and the space is immersed in many different colors, making everyone surprised.

Super charming dawn (Photo
The sunset is sad but still shimmering (Photo @datduong.0205)

Lots of interesting experiences

Coming to Tien Thanh tourist area in Phan Thiet , it would be a mistake to skip swimming activities as well as participate in exciting water games such as windsurfing or sitting in a basket boat floating on the sea to enjoy each day. The cool breeze carrying the salty taste of the sea caressed each hair.

Super fun windsurfing (Photo @wowsvoboda)

And if you are not used to bathing in sea water, that’s okay because all resorts, hotels or motels on the coast have super-wide outdoor swimming pools, with clear water and sea view, helping you to have a good time. Seconds playing pole was underwater.

Swimming in the lake by the sea is equally fun (Photo @lisa_nazarkina)

You can also live virtual life on the cliffs, under the green coconut trees swaying in the wind or next to the eco-friendly wooden swings in Tien Thanh Binh Thuan tourist area , guaranteed. only magic shimmer.

Super cool virtual living corner on the sea (Photo @uyenzyt)

Besides, don’t forget to rent a bicycle in the resorts to go for a walk, exercise, and discover the fresh, fresh and peaceful beauty here. won’t let you down.

Cycling is equally attractive (Photo @dasha_kach)

And of course to the sea, it is impossible to ignore the seafood specialties known as: lobster, crab, clams, scallops, oysters, snails, fish … The impression is at beach resorts Tien Thanh will have International-class chefs process them, so they will create extremely delicious and exotic dishes in both European and Asian styles, making even the most fastidious stomachs “knock off”.

The dishes that have been tried are mesmerizing (Photo @kieuoanh2412)

In addition, if you like a “naked to nature” experience right in the luxury and high-class resort, you can rent a tent and camp right on the white sand to sleep overnight, then be surrounded by waves. The shore and the sound of birds chirping on the branches awakened, just thinking about it made me feel very excited.

Where to stay in Tien Thanh tourist area in Binh Thuan?

1. Villa Del Sol Beach Resort & Spa 

The first resting place that we cannot fail to mention at Tien Thanh Phan Thiet tourist area is Villa Del Sol Beach Resort & Spa – a luxury resort with 10 villas including 72 comfortable rooms, full, no Open space and sea view, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the beauty of nature.

Besides, this resort also provides a lot of convenient services to serve the comprehensive resort needs of visitors such as: a system of restaurants, cafes, convenience stores with aromatic dishes. delicious, attractive; theater room with modern music equipment brings lively sound; or gym, sauna, massage & spa, to help balance the body and fresh skin…

Super luxury resort (Photo @lera.lerass)

In particular, the attentiveness, enthusiasm and friendliness of the staff is also a huge plus that makes many domestic and foreign tourists, despite coming many times, still give their full trust to Villa Del Sol Beach Resort & Spa.

Reference price: from 1,200,000 VND to 3,000,000 VND/night/room.

2. Resort Rock Water Bay

If you like a space that is both Vietnamese and Vietnamese with bright pink confetti that light up the whole sky and mix a bit of medieval Europe with fancy cobblestone walls, then Rock Water Bay Resort is the place to stay. Rest in the ideal Tien Thanh tourist area for you.

This hotel is also built in a private area right next to the sea, so all the rooms can directly look at the bright blue sea and sunshine, combined with a lot of trees and flowers, making the air always cool and comfortable. comfortable. The food here is super delicious, plus there is a steam room, mineral mud massage and herbal water immersion, making the sisters call it “math”.

It’s like being lost in medieval Europe (Photo @thao.linnn)

However, the point that makes Rock Water Bay Resort make many tourists want to come back next time is the all-inclusive service, including dining, resting, transportation, etc., which is convenient and economical.

Reference price: from 1,000,000 VND to 2,200,000 VND / night / room.

3. Fiore Heathy Resort

Fiore Heathy Resort has a classic and modern design, with bright red diagonal roof houses but making the most of glass to make doors and walls, surrounded by green trees, making us feel. Like being in the middle of nature.

In addition, this resort also has attractive services such as: a large swimming pool right by the sea, a coffee bar, a restaurant, meditation activities or a scenic bike ride… that makes anyone coming here fall in love. don’t like it. Therefore, it is always a “popular” accommodation in Tien Thanh Binh Thuan tourist area .

Luxury outdoor swimming pool (Photo @alefirenko88)

Reference price: from 1,300,000 VND to 5,600,000 VND / night / room.

4. Golden Coast Resort

Golden Coast Resort & Spa is a 4-star resort with 79 luxurious rooms and villas, with exquisite architecture with harmonious Eurasian style, youthful and modern colors with bold features of the sea. also amazed and amazed.

All rooms have sea view, so you can lie on the bed and watch the sunset or sunrise over the sea comfortably. Plus attractive entertainment and dining services to bring tourists to Tien Thanh beach a perfect vacation, worthy of international class.

Resort-class service (Photo @sam.sam2.1)

Reference price: from 900,000 VND to 2,600,000 VND / night / room.

5. Champa Resort

Champa Resort can be said to be the cheapest vacation spot in Tien Thanh Binh Thuan tourist area , but the services it offers are not “trivial” at all. In addition to the fully-equipped and comfortable bedrooms, visitors here can also bathe in a private swimming pool, soak in hot water, enjoy unique natural treatments and eat delicious cuisine…

In particular, you can also organize conferences, weddings, parties, birthdays … crowded outdoors, on the white sand beach, in the cool sea breeze, guaranteed to forget the way home. Please.

Champa is designed quite nicely (Photo @alicekim_1912)

Reference price: from 500,000 VND / night / room.

If you do not know where to go to cool off in the summer with your family, Tien Thanh Binh Thuan tourist area is not a bad destination!

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