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Eat seafood in Phan Thiet

Not only famous for beautiful beaches, but Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan) is also the “territory” of a series of restaurants and eateries specializing in serving prestigious seafood that is loved by tourists.

Phan Thiet is a famous sea tourist destination with many landscapes, rich cuisine, attracting tourists in the summer. You can save the address of Mot Nang seafood, Phan Thiet shop, Lang Chai restaurant … to enjoy seafood in your upcoming trip.



– The address to eat seafood at affordable prices is highly appreciated

– Large space of the bar, suitable for groups of friends and family gathering to eat and drink

– Some opinions suggest that the delay time to dish

Guest reviews:

– Ngan Le: “I had a chance to go to Mui Ne last March. During the season, there are quite a few visitors, but surprisingly, there are still a lot of tourists at Bibo on Saturday night. You can choose fresh seafood from the counter and weigh it, the staff will process it as required.Generally, fresh seafood, strong crab meat, in addition, I also ordered scallops for 85,000 VND, fried squid 100,000 copper, nail snails stir-fried morning glory 110,000 VND … The dish is fast and right for you “.

– Hung Thai: “Bibo shop is located near resorts, hotels, close to the beach, so there is a cool space to sit and enjoy seafood, no matter at noon or afternoon. The dishes are richly prepared. The kitchen reduces the spicy and salty level to suit the taste “.



– Address serving seafood with sea view, beautiful space decor

– The dish is rated fresh, delicious, but the serving size is quite small and the price is high

– The long time to cook dishes makes many diners dissatisfied

Tourists comment:

– Tram Nguyen: “Going to Phan Thiet right in the season, but I found a restaurant near the hotel quite satisfied. The menu price seems high, but the dishes are fresh, seasoned, taste good, clean. The space here is cool. , polite staff, welcoming shopkeeper. 2 people go, all lunch, about 300,000 dong, I feel quite full “.

– Ellen Tien: “We have 6 people looking for a place to eat dinner, it rains so we rushed to this shop. Luckily, the owner has quite a taste, impressive space decoration, outdoor area near the beach also has a yard. music stage I ordered the grilled combo of squid, scallop, crocodile meat, shrimp, salad, seafood fried rice, lemongrass steamed clams, grilled scallops … beautifully arranged and attractive.

I was most impressed with the soft, chewy crocodile meat, marinated to fit my mouth. The remaining seafood dishes are also quite fresh, you can feel the sweetness and crispness of the squid and shrimp. Particularly, steamed clam with lemongrass is temporarily eaten The outdoor view of the restaurant is quite nice but it rains so I can’t sit “.



– The restaurant serving seafood is located on the embankment, river view

– Staff are enthusiastic, but during peak hours, dishes are slow (about 30-45 minutes)

– Good price

Guest reviews:

– Agn Nart: “I was introduced to a restaurant with reasonable price and good quality in the embankment area in Phan Thiet. I stopped by at night, it was raining again, the scene was a bit messy but the shop was still quite crowded. order grilled oyster, grilled shrimp, octopus dipped in vinegar, dried stingray, I was especially impressed with the delicious Thai shrimp dish, fresh shrimp, crunchy. reasonable beer “.

– Tuan Ngo: “In my opinion, the advantage of this address is that guests can eat seafood while watching the river, cool. There is parking space for cars. But the food is not very fresh”.



– The shop is located opposite the beach, with car parking

– Family-style shop, enthusiastic staff

– Some people recommend that tourists should weigh seafood before bringing it to the kitchen

Tourists comment:

– Phương Fiona: “I have seen many reviews on the Internet, so I tried the food. The food is of good quality, the price is reasonable, calculated as Ho Chi Minh city. In the end, with seafood hotpot, I think it will suit anyone who likes to eat fish. The ingredients in this dish apart from 4-5 shrimp, 3-4 slices of squid, the rest is a lot of fish ” .

– Tran Lai: “Come back to Ho Chi Minh City from Nha Trang, every time visit the Fishing Village for lunch. Fresh seafood affordable, seasoning to taste. The owner is enthusiastic. The shop is right next to the sea of ​​wind blowing cool wine “. Follow zingnews

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