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Tips for taking photos like movies on Phu Quy Island

BINH THUAN – DISTRICT The small alleys on the island are where 9X girl Pham Trang has new photos, which are commented on in the Korean film title.

Pham Trang, born in 1999, is living and working in Hanoi, exploring the island Phu Quy District On my 23-year-old trip to Vietnam. She knew this place through the film Mr. Star teacher and wished to once set foot on the island peacefully, the people are gentle.

During the trip of 3 days and 2 nights, Trang went to many places such as steep, sovereign flagpole, Saigon Tuyi Tomb, Linh Son Pagoda, Lang Co embankment, Phu Quy wind farm, Chaoyang Bay, Vinh Hang, infinity lake …

Her photo series attracted more than 5,000 interactions on the travel-loving group, most of which spent time praising “beautiful, pure as a movie”.

The check-in point that can not be missed is the Phu Quy wind farm, but this place does not have too many turbines, visitors should spend time finding the right angles. Trang, she chooses the fence of people’s houses to capture the turbine wing behind. The location is close to the road to wind power.

Lang Co embankment is where Trang suggested visitors can take many photos with the golden sand, the seven-color rainbow embankment. Because the island area is not too large, Trang advises visitors to thoroughly explore the places that will have unexpectedly beautiful angles.

The green canopy in people’s alleys is also more graceful when in photos. The destination was accidentally discovered by Trang when you moved along the Lang Co embankment with you.

The angle of the image in the image is commented by netizens quite similar to the context of the movie Father Cha Cha Cha Sea Village.” I knew this place through a photo, then I did not know the exact address so I asked the children on the island. You know the way and lead us to the right place, really enthusiastic,” Trang shared.

Get quite a lot of compliments about the context, costumes, the color of the photo. Trang says his own experience is not much, the weather almost decides everything.

“I went to Phu Quy on a sunny day, the sky was high blue, so I raised the camera to have a beautiful photo. In addition, the time frame I shoot when the sun has risen from 10h to 12h”, Trang added, visitors should choose clothes with bright, gentle colors such as yellow, orange, beige, white, blue to make the photo more beautiful.

Trang said this trip exceeded her expectations, the Hanoi girl was satisfied with everything from the accommodation, destination, food and enthusiasm of the people on the island.

Because Phu Quy Island is far from the mainland, she advises visitors to thoroughly learn the weather at sea before the trip, avoiding the days of big waves, rough seas. She hopes to be able to return to the island to explore The Island, which has rich vegetation and basks in the clear blue sea, strolling on the fine white sands.

: Photo: Pham Trang

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