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Shrimp season in Phan Thiet beach

BINH THUAN – In January, shrimp (sea shrimp) from the sea follow the herd to the shore of Phan Thiet, local fishermen go out to catch, each person more than 100 kg a day.

These days, in the morning, Phan Thiet beach has calm waves. The area from Ong Dia rocky beach to Mui Ne bay is thickly swished. Mr. Tran Van Thanh, 59 years old (in Ham Tien ward) and his brother’s fisherman in Rang fishing village go fishing. Waking up at 5am, after having breakfast, and drinking tea, they pulled each other to the sea 3 km from Mui Ne to start practicing. The fish is constantly brought to the beach, shaken off the net, and put in the basket for sale.

Shrimp season in Phan Thiet beach
Mr. Tran Van Thanh (on the right) and his colleagues brought the shrimp to the shore. Photo: Viet Quoc

In the morning, Mr. Thanh and his colleagues hit more than 3 quintals (300 kg). For every two baskets full (more than 30 kg each), Mr. Thanh sells them immediately to traders, then continues to search for fish, release tattoo nets, and pull them ashore. “For the past few days, the water has been calm, and a lot of water has come in, so I have to take advantage of the time to catch up,” said Mr. Thanh.

The fishing tool of the fishermen here is a tattoo net, about 50 m long, with small bamboo rods attached to both ends to fold the net for convenience. In each net, two people play together.

Fishing is not like fishing, because it is very sensitive and moves very quickly in groups. Before fishing, fishermen carry their nets and jog along the coast. Whenever they saw dark plumes of water, they guessed that the water was coming in. After that, the paddler must wade into the water, 10-20 m from the shore. “Seeing it flipping and jumping, I know this place is thick, I will drop the net right away,” said Mr. Thanh.

Fishermen gather to the sea to fish in Rang beach area, Phan Thiet city. Photo: Viet Quoc

The long net was dropped into the water quickly. Two people with two heads walking around in an arc. The tattoo net gathered the cymbals, they quickly wrapped the mouth of the net, carried it on their shoulders, and ran into the sand. Plastic tarpaulins are spread out on the beach, the fishes are shaken from the nets to be fresh and jumpy.

That day, Mr. Le Van Tri, 43, and his co-worker beat more than 200 kg. They sell at the wharf for 10,000 VND per kg, earning more than 2 million. Divided, each person in the morning also earned more than a million. “After Tet, when we come in a lot, our brothers and sisters have a good source of income, we are also very happy,” said Mr. Tri.($1=24,000 VND)

According to Mr. Tri, in Phan Thiet usually appear before or after Tet, there are years later than the end of January to enter. This year, it is in the right season after the wind is calm. At this time, there was a lot of traffic, but it was still not as busy as in previous years. The season only lasts about half a month and then ends.

The shrimp has just been shaken out of the net and is ready to be sold to traders on the sea of ​​Phan Thiet. Photo: Viet Quoc

After being beaten, traders buy them at the wharf, or fishermen bring them to sell at establishments that make fish sauce for sale. Currently, the wholesale price is 10,000 VND, while retailing at the market is 15,000-20,000 VND per kg. Some fishermen in Rang fishing village also bring home to dry, store to sell to distant dealers, the price is 100,000 VND per kg.

Ruoc is used to eat fresh (fried, cook vegetable soup …), dried or made fish sauce, a specialty next to fish sauce in Phan Thiet waters.

 ( According to vnexpress )

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