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Enjoying snacks and drinks all day can’t run out of delicious dishes in Phan Thiet

Not only white sandhills, the most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam, coming to Binh Thuan, if you have not enjoyed all the delicious dishes in Phan Thiet, but you will also definitely have to come back here many times.

Banh Can in Phan Thiet is sold all day. This type of cake is made from rice flour, poured into an earthen mold and baked until puffy. In the photo is a shop selling Banh Can at night on Phan Thiet street – Photo: HA MANH

About 210km from Ho Chi Minh City, the coastal city of Phan Thiet attracts tourists by: the blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine; with many beautiful places such as: Bau Trang sandhill, Tien stream, Ong Dia rock beach or Mui Ne fishing village…

This is also the place that will make you “surprised” with the rich cuisine. The delicious dishes in Phan Thiet can be mentioned such as: Phan Thiet-style squid, fried squid teeth, squid teeth, Quang duck noodles, Banh Can, herring rolls, flan cakes, hot pot…

Each delicious dish here will bring visitors unforgettable experiences not only because of its special taste, but also because of the hospitality of the people of this central land.

One-day squad in Phan Thiet is made from squid leaves that are abundant in this sea. As the name suggests, one-sun squid is only exposed to one sun. After fishing for squid, squid will be cleaned, skin and dirt removed from the belly and exposed from morning to afternoon. Phan Thiet one-day squid gives diners an unforgettable taste because of its crispiness, freshness and sweetness in each fiber – Photo: HA MANH

Mui Ne hot pot, also known as seafood hot pot, is a rustic dish made from fresh, easy-to-find ingredients, very delicious, and reasonably priced. The difference between hot pot drops with other types of hot pot is the way of presentation and decoration in harmony and beauty. A drop of hot pot includes: apricot fish (a typical fish of this sea), boiled pork, fried egg, cucumber, and banana flower – Photo: HA MANH

Herring rolls are a delicious Phan Thiet dish made with two locally available ingredients: herring and cassava roots. In Phan Thiet, there is a restaurant with more than 40 years of age, called Cha Cuon Mrs. Dung, with a peanut sauce recipe that cannot be found anywhere else – Photo: HA MANH

Fried fried rice restaurant is more than 40 years old at Vo Thi Sau street, Phan Thiet city – Photo: HA MANH

Grilled squid teeth with chili salt, grilled squid teeth with satay, steamed squid teeth… are all delicious dishes made from the seemingly discarded meat of the squid. The people in Phan Thiet have skillfully processed it into a delicious, crispy dish that makes visitors eat it once and remember it forever – Photo: HA MANH

A close-up of the fried squid with satay is crispy, making anyone who comes to Phan Thiet also have to find food – Photo: HA MANH

Squid teeth are dipped in flour, dropped into a pan of boiling oil, fried in small pieces, waited until crispy, then removed. This delicious dish is often dipped in chili sauce that is both hot and crispy – Photo: HA MANH

Quang frog noodles, and Quang chicken noodles are familiar noodle dishes for those who love delicious Quang dishes, while Quang duck noodles are quite strange-sounding names to many people. But this is a famous dish in Phan Thiet with a sweet, light broth, soft and fragrant duck meat – Photo: HA MANH

Visit Phan Thiet, and visit the monument of Lau Ong Hoang, you will surely hear about the love between Han Mac Tu and poet Mong Cam because this place marks the date between the two. In Phan Thiet, the flan brand of the poet Mong Cam family is an address for those who love the beauty, the cool space and the sweet and greasy taste of flan. This place is known as the best flan bakery in Phan Thiet, perhaps not only because of its great taste but also because of the strange feeling when stepping through the door into a courtyard full of sunshine, trees and poetry – Photo : HA MANH

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