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Tien La Ngau Lake Binh Thuan – Amazing trekking coordinates for backpackers

Trekking at Tien La Ngau Lake in Binh Thuan is considered the top ideal backpacking route in Binh Thuan today. Although the road is somewhat dangerous, the route is tens of kilometers long, but it makes many backpackers fall in love with the magical natural beauty. 

About Tien La Ngau Lake Binh Thuan 

Tien La Ngau Lake is a fairly new tourist destination located deep in the jungle in Tanh Linh district, Binh Thuan. If you start from Saigon to Ho Tien, you will go through a distance of 170km and then go about 2.6km more trekking through the forest. Visitors can combine off-road motorbikes quite easily. 

Tien La Ngau Lake Binh Thuan – Amazing trekking coordinates for backpackers
Ho Tien La Ngau

Tien La Ngau Lake in Binh Thuan is blessed with beautiful rocks that have been eroded by spring water for hundreds of years and created many impressive shapes. Besides, there are cool, clear lakes and a cool, fresh atmosphere. 

The natural scenery here is still quite wild 

The right time to trek Tien La Ngau Lake in Binh Thuan 

You can go to Tien La Ngau lake during any season of the year. However, according to Binh Thuan travel experience , the most ideal time falls between December and April next year. At that time, visitors will feel the fullest beauty of this place. Plan to come here to immerse yourself in unspoiled nature and have lots of interesting experiences with friends. 

You should come here between December – April next year 

The way to Tien La Ngau lake Binh Thuan 

Starting from the city. From Ho Chi Minh City, you run in the direction of National Highway 1 to National Highway 55 to La Ngau Bridge. At the foot of the bridge, there is a small shop selling snacks. Many tourists often stop here to have breakfast, rest and then depart. To get to Tien La Ngau lake, visitors have 2 options go through the stream or take the trail. Depending on your preferences and means of transport, you choose the most appropriate route. 

(Photo: tragiagbg84)

The road to Tien La Ngau lake is not an easy road, there are many challenges, but in return the majestic and wild scenery will surely capture the hearts of backpackers. This place is the interference between heaven and earth, which has been built up, worn down, and molded over thousands of years. From there, creating a masterpiece that makes many souls bewildered.

The road to Tien La Ngai lake is not easy 

If you want to choose a short route, choose a motorbike. Then you will cross small slopes, that experience is really refreshing during the long dirt road and through many shallow canals. You keep running along until you see a high slope, on both sides are bamboo, then stop and trek overland to reach Tien La Ngau lake. In addition, if you want to do long-distance trekking, then walk along streams and trails. 

A great place for those who are passionate about trekking 

Irresistible beauty at Tien La Ngau lake in Binh Thuan 

The trail from the stream up to Tien lake is beautiful in every part. Everywhere is chill and one can live virtual comfortably. Going a long way, Tien lake is hiding behind deep green mountains. The scenery here is peaceful, poetic but also very majestic and resonant, the air is very fresh and pleasant, suitable for outdoor activities and experiences. There are many types of fish living in the stream, so when you come here, you can bring a fishing rod to satisfy your passion. 

The enchanting beauty of Tien La Ngau Lake

Standing in front of the unspoiled and peaceful natural scenery at Tien La Ngau Lake, you will unconsciously breathe in the pure, cool atmosphere with friends, enjoy a cup of hot tea and talk about many stories in life. Perhaps life has never been so peaceful and peaceful. Echoing somewhere in the forest is the chirping of birds mixed with the murmuring stream flowing through the rocky crevices,… All creating an extremely refreshing and relaxing feeling creeping into the mind. 

Here, visitors can jump into the cool lake to bathe, and feel each stream of water wriggle through the body as if washing away all worries and worries. That feeling will certainly be difficult to repeat many times in life. 

The stream here is very fresh and pure 

The road back to Tien La Ngau lake runs along a stream with many beautiful rocky beaches. The large and small rocks of all shapes lying in the middle of the stream create a peaceful, nostalgic beauty and make people stop for a moment to think about many things. If you have the opportunity to explore the wild and poetic natural picture as beautiful as a watercolor painting at Tien La Ngau lake, do not hesitate to take out your camera and save beautiful pictures!

Rocks of all shapes

Currently, this interesting trekking spot is attracting a lot of backpackers. However, because it is an easy road to get lost, learn in advance and prepare the necessary tools. The most special thing is to improve health, physical strength and mental perseverance to fully enjoy the trip. 

Many tourists camp right by the stream 

Notes when coming to Tien La Ngau Lake in Binh Thuan 

  • If you go by yourself without a guide, you should not choose to go by stream to avoid risks and ensure safety.
  • Before going to Tien La Ngau lake, please inform your worried relatives in advance because when entering the forest, the phone signal will be lost. 
  • Do not litter the environment because there are no garbage collection forces here. Before leaving, the fire must be completely extinguished and all belongings must be removed. 
  • If you want to ensure safety, you can hire an experienced local to guide you to avoid getting lost. 
  • If going by stream, prepare enough food for about 2 days. 
  • Remember to bring a warm coat because when the night falls, the temperature drops, and dew appears. 
  • In the forest, there are many mosquitoes and insects, so apply insect repellent. 

Put out the fire before you leave!

Tien La Ngau Lake in Binh Thuan is a really great place to challenge your limits and the reward you get after overcoming yourself is the wonderful natural scenery. 

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