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The stream with three lakes in Ninh Thuan

NINH THUAN – Ba Ho stream has wild scenery, cool water from the ravines, surrounded by low hills and luxuriant trees.

Ba Ho stream is located in Ba Ho village, Cong Hai commune, Thuan Bac district, originating from the watershed protection forest of the Trau River. The fast flowing water creates deep hollows carved into the cliffs into spectacular shapes. On the path of the flow, the stream opens its heart in the area halfway up the mountain into 3 large lakes. This is also the feature that forms the name of the stream.

The landscape of Ba Ho stream is low and hilly, with streams flowing all year round, the sightseeing area is encapsulated in lakes 2 and 3, the first lake is located high upstream and has a rugged terrain. tourist regime. Arriving at the stream, you will immediately meet the second lake, the water is clear and deep, around the block stone is squarely ground. In the lake, the water flows smoothly, suitable for proficient swimmers.

Following the boulders down to the area below is the third lake, considered the most beautiful of all three lakes with the moderate water level, wide lake bed, cool water. From this area, you can zoom your eyes towards the plains of Cong Hai commune, far away are the wonderful green mountains.

The stream with three lakes in Ninh Thuan
The second lake in the Ba Ho stream area, the lake is clear and deep, full of water in the rainy season. Visitors often bring camping gear, cool off, and have fun during the day at Ba Ho stream. Photo: Le Van Huy

Le Van Huy, born in 1995, had been to Ba Ho stream and was impressed with this place. The road to the stream is easy to go and there are many cool trees around, wild scenery, very beautiful photography. Huy feels this place is like paradise: “The stream has many areas to play and cool off, children or people who can’t swim can go down to the terrarium area to their knees, and proficient swimmers have their own large lake to enjoy. Immerse yourself in the cool water.”

Ba Ho Stream is located about 25 km north of Phan Rang – Thap Cham city center. Visitors going in the direction of National Highway 1A to the administrative center of Thuan Bac district, turn left, go straight for about 2 km to the railway track area, then turn right, go a little further and you will see a signboard to Ba Ho tourist destination. about 5 km from the standing position. The road is easy to move for motorbikes and cars, concrete is poured, many green trees are on both sides of the road.

Before visiting, visitors park their motorbikes at Uncle Can’s parking lot. There is also a lunch bar nearby with delicious chicken dishes. From the parking lot, you continue to walk up Ba Ho stream through a small concrete road with many trees along the road. Walking for about 5 minutes you will have to climb, step on stone steps leading to the stream, the path is steeper but easy to move.

The green landscape around Ba Ho stream. Photo: Le Van Huy

Ba Ho stream is not only a beautiful sightseeing spot of Ninh Thuan but also an important source of water for production and daily life for Cong Hai and Loi Hai communes and surrounding areas in Khanh Hoa province.

How to get to Ba Ho Waterfall?

Each lake has a different beauty, so since ancient times, the stream has been known to tourists from far and wide with thrilling and fascinating legends. This place is suitable for those who like to explore and adventure with cliffs, craggy rocks… In the midst of the immense scenery of mountains and forests, adding a beautiful and magical blue lake is easy to make people fall in love.

Instructions for moving to  Ba Ho waterfall: From Phan Rang – Thap Cham, you move on Highway 1A about 35km to the North, then turn right about 1km to Tien stream in Cong Hai commune, Thuan Bac district, Ninh province. Thuan.

Address:  Suoi Gieng Village, Cong Hai Commune, Thuan Bac District, Ninh Thuan Province

What to visit and have fun at Ba Ho KDL?

Visit Lake No. 1

Located at the lowest elevation must also be the most accessible lake. In the rainy season, this is a lake with waterfalls falling more beautiful than other lakes. Most tourists coming here will stop at lake area 1 to visit. However, in the dry season, the waterfall is not full of water, so the scenery at this time will not be beautiful.

If you are a fan of Cliff Jumping – a thrilling game, this place is for you. From the cliffs and cliffs, you dip your body and then jump into the lake. Feeling very excited and happy. This is also the reason why many backpackers when coming to Nha Trang want to go immediately and always Ba Ho.

Visiting Lake 2

Also in the dry season, lake No. 2 dries up and the water is not green, the higher the altitude, the more opaque the watercolor becomes. However, at this time, the large rocks emerge most clearly, the forest is covered with a green color. All create a landscape that is both majestic and romantic. Lake 2 is located under a large tree, which is very suitable for you to rest, eat or soak in the cool water.

However, this lake area usually only has a small group of teenagers coming to have fun because the way to get here is also quite arduous and difficult. Most tracking enthusiasts or Western guests usually only climb to conquer 3 waterfalls and then return but do not stay to swim.

Visiting Lake 3

When you reach Lake 3, you can go back by the old way or you can also follow the forest path along the direction of the red arrows located on the opposite side of the stream, quite competitive but also worth the experience. If you do not like to go climbing to explore, you should only play in lake No. 1 or the downstream area.

Here, there are interesting games to participate in such as: Kayaking, whitewater rafting, water ball, water bike, and lightning swimming (depending on the rainy weather, the water on the entertainment staff will temporarily stop. some games for safety)

The adventure game (Cliff Jumping) I do not encourage you to play, it is only suitable for experienced foreigners (because our experience in waterfall jumping is not available, the water is fast, deep and dangerous)

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