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A grape variety used both in eating and in wine processing

Grape is a fruit with a high nutritional value, becoming a commodity production tree and a specialty crop of the "sunny and windy" land since the mid-80s of the twentieth century. Grapevine is one of the main crops and plays an important role in the agriculture of Ninh Thuan province.

A grape variety used both in eating and in wine processing

Mr. Le Khac Phong, owner of NH01-26 vineyard in Thai An village, Vinh Hai, Ninh Hai, Ninh Thuan. Photo: NK.

For implementing a program to diversify varieties in production, avoid risks for grape growers and increase competitiveness in the market, since 1993, Nha Ho Research Institute for Cotton and Agriculture Development, has been maintained, compiled, imported and evaluated by the People's Committee of Ninh Thuan province. 

During the past time, the Institute has researched and introduced a number of varieties for production such as NH01-48, NH01-93, NH01-96, NH01-152 fresh grapes and NH02-90, NH02-97, NH02-37 wine grapes. The introduction of new grape varieties with good quality into production, which increase competitiveness and improve economic efficiency per unit area is a current urgent demand.

To continue diversifying the variety structure of production, avoiding risks for grape growers and increasing competitiveness in the market, over the years, Nha Ho Research Institute for Cotton and Agriculture Development has continued to research and transfer into production the dual-use grape variety NH01-26 (both for eating and used for wine processing).

NH01-26 vineyard in the basic construction phase. Photo: NK.

NH01-26 grape variety is well capable of adapting to the climate and soil conditions in Ninh Thuan; with a broad spectrum of adaptation; high resistance to pests and diseases, little demand for plant protection; provide stable flowering and fruiting.

The variety has a growth time of about 90-95 days depending on the crop. NH01-26 grape variety has a stable yield, averaging around 10 tons/ha/crop, capable to be harvested for 3 crops a year, the sugar content is about 16 degrees Brix, the fruit does not fall off when ripe and had a characteristic aroma, with quality suitable to the tastes of consumers, especially vineyard eco-tourists.

In addition, the cost is lower than fruit products of other grape varieties thanks to less labor and agricultural materials costs (mainly pesticides), creating a relatively high efficiency per unit area.

NH01-26 grape does not fall off when ripe and has a characteristic aroma. Photo: NK.

Additionally, NH01-26 is also quite suitable to be used as raw materials for processing wine and other beverage products, based on a number of criteria such as the rate of fruit juice accounting for 75.5%; pH level at harvesting stage fluctuates from 3.4 to 3.5; sugar content remaining above 16 degrees Brix; with low acidity, beautiful juice color and exceptional fragrance. As a result, wine products made from raw materials of NH01-26 grapes achieve high quality and satisfy consumers.

With the above advantages, NH01-26 dual-use grape variety is and already has been combined with the growth of eco-tourism to expand development areas and improve the efficiency and economic value of local vines by farmers in Ninh Thuan province, especially grape farmers.

Author: Phan Cong Kien

Translated by Hoang Duy