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‘Check list’ of tourist destinations for New Year’s Eve 2022 in Ninh Thuan

New Year’s Eve 2022 is coming very close, do you guys in Ninh Thuan have any plans for these holidays? If you are still wondering where we will go this holiday, what to do, do not ignore the suggestions of the most attractive New Year’s travel destinations in Ninh Thuan 2022 below!

How many days off do you have on New Year’s Eve 2022?

After a year of tiring work, Tet is the time for each of us to rest, gather and enjoy life. So how many days off will the 2022 New Year’s Eve be?

According to the Labor Code, in the New Year 2022, employees across the country are entitled to 3 days off. New Year’s Eve 2022 falls on a Saturday, so employees will be compensated for the next Monday. The holiday period takes place continuously from January 1, 2022, to the end of January 3, 2022. Because the New Year holiday is quite long, many people will choose domestic destinations to travel to. Among the landmarks, Ninh Thuan is a prominent place in the central region. So in Ninh Thuan, where should you go on New Year’s Eve, the answer will be right away. 

‘Check list’ of tourist destinations for New Year’s Eve 2022 in Ninh Thuan
New Year’s holiday schedule 2022 

Suggesting tourist destinations for the 2022 New Year’s Eve in Ninh Thuan 

1. Thai An Vineyard – popular tourist destination for the 2022 New Year in Ninh Thuan 

Thai An Vineyard will be a tourist destination for the 2022 New Year in Ninh Thuan that deserves to be mentioned first. Coming here, visitors will be able to visit the luxuriant and fruit-laden grape rigs, hand-pick the ripe and fresh grapes and enjoy right at the garden to feel the sweetness and freshness. 

(Photo: l.manhh)

Thai An Vineyard is not only a place where you have many interesting experiences such as picking grapes, eating grapes, but also very suitable for virtual living, checking in to upload Facebook to receive thousands of likes. 

Come here to live virtual, it’s great 

2. Hang Rai – a mysterious New Year’s tourist destination 2022 in Ninh Thuan 

Rai Cave has long been a prominent destination and also a beautiful tourist destination for the 2022 New Year in Ninh Thuan. This place owns many strange, ghostly but very attractive caves located next to the beach.

Rai Cave 

The time from November to March is the most ideal time to visit and exploit unique and strange photos of sea waves, green moss layers on ancient coral reefs. When looking at the photo, many people couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration at a masterpiece of nature. Each layer of green moss grows on the hidden coral hidden under the clear water. From a distance, it looks like a giant pearl in the middle of the ocean.

Rai Cave in green moss season
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3. Nui Chua National Park – a famous tourist destination for the New Year 2022 in Ninh Thuan 

Nui Chua National Park is a tourist destination with forests and seas in harmony, the only drought forest of our country and very rare in Southeast Asia. This place attracts many tourists by the blue sea, white sand, coral reefs, stone park and wild forest.

(Photo: Linh.rubii)

Nui Chua National Park is considered by many people as a “jewel” located between the desert and the blue sea, coral and mysterious cave system. New Year’s Eve, if you come here for a picnic, you will be struggling in the cool water, going to explore the precarious cliffs adjacent to the sea, … 

(photo: mathildebremond)

4. Nam Cuong Sand Dunes – New Year’s tourist destination 2022 in Ninh Thuan should not be missed 

When it comes to tourist destinations for the 2022 New Year in Ninh Thuan , Nam Cuong sand hill is a unique address that visitors should consider. This is a vast stretch of white sand, feeling that when standing here you think you are in the middle of the Sahara desert of Africa. 

(Pic: nannaly)

The best time to admire Nam Cuong sand hill is at dawn. At that time, the first rays of sunlight began to appear and spread gradually on each sand block, revealing the layers of sand of bright and dark colors. This is also the moment that many people look forward to taking photos. The combination of mountains, sea and desert creates an attractive wonder that makes Nam Cuong sand dunes really become a destination not to be missed during the 2022 New Year. 

(Photo: bethuy49_i)

5. Poklong Giarai Cham Tower – An ancient New Year’s entertainment spot in Ninh Thuan 

If you are looking for a tourist destination for the New Year 2022 in Ninh Thuan with ancient colors, then come to Poklong Garai tower . This place was formerly the capital of the ancient Champa kingdom. Over a long period of time, until today, Poklong Garai tower is still known as the most beautiful cluster of Cham towers left. 

Poklong Giarai Cham Tower

The tower work uses very sophisticated sculptural art, with all 3 main gates for visitors to visit. The way to get here is quite convenient and easy to find. On this New Year’s Day, if you have the opportunity to go to Ninh Thuan and miss this place, you will really regret it. 

The architecture here is very artistic 

6. Vinh Hy Bay – a beautiful New Year’s tourist destination in Ninh Thuan 

In Ninh Thuan, where should you go on New Year’s Eve? Perhaps the answer will mostly be Vinh Hy Bay. Currently, Vinh Hy sea has more than 300 species of coral. To see them, you can take a glass-bottom boat. After the coral reef viewing journey, visitors will be immersed in beautiful beaches, play extreme sports and enjoy great seafood parties. 

(Photo: Khin)
(Photo: farwegotravelvietnam)

With the above article, Luhanhvietnam has revealed to you interesting tourist destinations for the 2022 New Year in Ninh Thuan . Hope you will “pocket” for yourself a few favorite places to spend happy and complete moments with family and friends during this special holiday!

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