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Discover the beauty of the largest Phuong Cuu salt field in Central Vietnam

Phuong Cuu salt field is one of the largest salt fields in the central region. This place has become a popular tourist destination that many tourists love when having the opportunity to visit Ninh Thuan.

Phuong Cuu is a relatively new and attractive tourist destination that many people often choose to visit when having the opportunity to travel to Ninh Thuan. Because unlike other destinations, Phuong Cuu owns a strange and different beauty. Here salt covers an area. Mixed around is the image of the clouds and the sky, along with the image of people making salt quickly. All create a very lively and attractive scene. Perhaps that is why this land is always a destination that brings many special emotions to visitors.

Discover the beauty of the largest Phuong Cuu salt field in Central Vietnam
The beauty of salt fields in Ninh Hai Ninh Thuan

Learn about Phuong Cuu salt field

Located only about 15km from Phan Rang, so to get to Phuong Cuu to visit, you will not have to spend too much time moving and traveling. This salt field belongs to Ninh Hai district of Ninh Thuan province.

With an area of ​​salt fields up to hundreds of hectares, Phuong Cuu salt field is considered the largest salt field here. Salt production in Phuong Cuu is up to a thousand tons per day. Therefore, during the salt making season, this place is always bustling and busy.

The image of people working hard to make salt on a vast and vast salt field

In the vast and vast salt field, the people of Ninh Hai quickly made salt to harvest in time. Normally, the salt granary in Phuong Cuu will take place from December to May. Therefore, if you choose Phuong Cuu field as a Ninh Thuan destination for your trip, choose the time in the period above. At that time, Ninh Thuan is entering the salt granary, so the surrounding scenery will be very beautiful, bustling, joyful.

How happy and meaningful the new season is when the people rush to harvest salt. Although the salt making profession is difficult and difficult, but as long as the salt is in season, people will be eager to compete with each other to work hard.

The white salt granary has created an attractive image for Ninh Thuan salt field

Discover the beauty of Phuong Cuu salt field

In order to fully feel the beauty as well as the atmosphere of this place when the salt harvest season comes, you have to go directly to Phuong Cuu to feel it. Because coming to this mountainous countryside in the Central region, your first impression is peace. 

Although life is hard and hard, people here are always very optimistic and love life. The image of them working passionately in the hot and slightly salty sea and salt has expressed the feelings of people here for salt making for many years.

People bring salt to harvest, clean and preserve

Phuong Cuu salt field possesses extremely seductive and attractive beauty. Because this place is not only a place that brings economic value and a prosperous life to Ninh Hai people, it is also a destination containing the soul of the waters of Ninh Thuan.

The image of fine white salt tissues lined up in the middle of the vast field is very beautiful. Visitors coming here will have the opportunity to participate in new and interesting experiences that only in Phuong Cuu can.

In addition, coming to the salt field, you will have the opportunity to learn about the lives of the people here and understand how hard and difficult salt making is? Because in order to make pure white salt granules, Ninh Hai people have had to go through many difficult steps.

Beautiful peaceful view on the largest salt field in the central region

First, people will have to dig a pond or make a pond in two levels of high and low yard. These two courtyards have a distance of about 10cm and are provided a path for salt water to enter or exit. People will have to slap water from the low yard to the high yard. 

After a few days, the water will be drained from the high yard to run down the low yard. This step will be done continuously until the seawater evaporates and leaves only fine white salt particles. The people will then perform tricks to dry the salt and bring it to the salt storage to clean and preserve.

Salt work is therefore very strenuous. People had to turn their faces off in the salt fields early in the morning. The stronger the sun is, the faster salt will form and people will be able to quickly harvest it. However, in order to be able to harvest the rich salt granary, the people here have to spend the day in the heat of the flesh. 

Their lives are only less miserable when the salt season is good. Therefore, despite their hard work, they always feel happy with the values ​​and achievements that they have created.

The beauty of salt fields in harvest season

If you choose Phuong Cuu salt field to explore, you should come here at the time when dawn rises or sunset falls. Because this time is the time when the salt fields are most beautiful and sparkling. 

After exploring the salt fields in Ninh Hai, do not forget to take the time to visit some other tourist destinations of Ninh Thuan such as Vinh Hy Bay , Bau Truc pottery village , Poklong Garai tower , Ca Na beach. These are all great destinations for you in your Ninh Thuan travel trip .

Hopefully, with the above sharing of Vinlove, you will have one more destination to explore when traveling to Ninh Thuan, which is the largest Phuong Cuu salt field in the Central region. This place will help you get a lot of new and interesting experiences.

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