11.02.2023, 04:50

The moss season dyes the coast of Ninh Thuan green

Ninh Thuan is in the moss season. The green mossy beaches can be mentioned as Hon Do, Hang Rai, Tu Thien village…

Located about 15 km from the center of Phan Rang – Thap Cham city to the south, the green moss beach with a width of more than 500m when the water recedes, is gradually spreading nearly 4 km along the coast in Tu Thien village.
Moss only grows a lot around February to March every year. At this time, the algae and mosses grow just big enough to rise up in patches, connecting each other, from one field to another, stretching green on the coral rock, lying along the reef on the shore. sea
At the peak of the moss season, this place not only attracts a lot of visitors to check-in, but also locals who take advantage of harvesting moss to make shrimp food. They can earn millions of dong per day. Therefore, this is also the happy season for coastal people every year
The most beautiful time to enjoy the mossy beach of Tu Thien village is at dawn and dusk. This is when the low tide reveals patches of green moss on the vast coral reefs, creating a beautiful green moss field.
Under the gentle sunlight of dawn or dusk, you can not only feel the charming, sparkling and charming green moss but also enjoy the fresh natural atmosphere of the sea.

Besides, Ninh Thuan also has another famous mossy beach in Hon Do. This is a population of exposed fossil corals that have been smoothed over by the sea waves over time and covered with patches of green moss.

Hon Do is a masterpiece bestowed by nature for My Hiep sea village, in Thanh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, about 18 km from the center of Phan Rang – Thap Cham city towards Vinh Hy bay.
The green moss carpet in My Hiep often has and develops on high tide days, the water surface is flooded with rocks, coral reefs and large limestone tables.
During this time, coral reefs, rocks and limestone tables are less exposed to direct sunlight because they are blocked by the water surface, so moss thrives.
After the high tide, the water will gradually dry up (usually on the full moon day or the last and early days of December to February every year) and will be revealed among the green moss carpet as far as the eye can see.
My Hiep is also a beautiful sunrise viewing spot in Ninh Thuan. At this time, you will see a picture of a bustling village of people in the sea. In the moss season, the wave season in the Hon Do area attracts a lot of tourists to admire
Another interesting experience that you should not miss is walking along the coral reef to see first-hand the deep round holes filled with clear sea water at low tide, with many sea creatures struggling, no wonder. like a beautiful aquarium
Note, although the seascape at Hon Do or Tu Thien moss village is very beautiful this season, to the sharp coral rocks and slippery moss, visitors should prepare thick sole sandals with good semi-adhesiveness to ensure safety.

Photo: Internet (Vinlove.net)