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“Conquer” Ba Ho Stream to discover the beauty of the mountains and forests

With the characteristics of craggy and adventurous cliffs, the Ba Ho stream is chosen by tourists as a destination to conquer nature. Let’s explore with Vinlove about this fascinating Ba Ho stream.

“Conquer” Ba Ho Stream to discover the beauty of the mountains and forests

Where is Ba Ho stream?

Ba Ho stream is located in Phu Huu village – Ninh Ich commune – Ninh Hoa district, Khanh Hoa province and about 25km from Nha Trang city. The stream originates from a stream on the top of Hon Son, 660m high and more than 10km long, flowing through the primeval forest ecosystem.

Ba Ho stream creates a system of cascades of small cascades that intertwine down, forming a population of 3 consecutive lakes located at different heights, hence the name Ba Ho stream or waterfall.

How to go to Ba Ho stream?

From the center of Nha Trang city, you should follow lane 2/4 or Pham Van Dong => National Highway 1A towards Ninh Hoa => Run through Long Phu tourist port for about 10-15 minutes => road signs Ba Ho Tourist Area. Here you cross the road and then turn into the village road according to the signs and then go all the way to the concrete road, then you will meet a fork where you turn left.

From here begins the jagged dirt road, potholes, etc. It is very difficult to go, especially, in the rainy season, it is quite slippery and dangerous. However, you can also take a taxi in and out, both the way back and forth is 60km. Finally, you need to walk through the forest about 1km, then climb over the cliffs in the direction of the arrows to reach the destination.

What does Ba Ho stream have?

Lake No. 1

Lake No. 1 is located at the lowest elevation, so it is also the most accessible lake. In the rainy season, this is a lake with waterfalls falling more beautiful than other lakes. Most tourists coming here will stop at Lake 1 area to visit. However, in the dry season, the waterfall does not have much water, so the scenery at this time will not be beautiful.

If you are a fan of Cliff Jumping – a thrilling game, then this place is for you. From the cliffs and cliffs, you shrug and then jump into the lake. Feeling very excited and happy. This is also the reason why many backpackers when coming to Nha Trang want to visit Ba Ho Waterfall.

Lake No. 2

Also in the dry season, Lake No. 2 dries up and the watercolor is not green, the higher the altitude, the more opaque the watercolor becomes. However, at this time, the big rocks emerge most clearly, the forest is covered with a green color. All create a landscape of mountains and forests that is both majestic and romantic.

Lake 2 is located under a large tree, so it is very suitable for you to rest, eat or soak in the cool water. However, this lake area usually only has a small group of young people coming to have fun because the way to get here is also quite arduous and difficult.

Most of the followers who love tracking or Western guests often only climb to conquer 03 waterfalls and then return, not stay to swim.

Lake No. 3

When you reach lake 3, you can go back by the old way or you can also follow the forest path along the direction of the red arrows located on the opposite side of the stream, relatively difficult but well worth it. experience. If you don’t like to go climbing, just play in lake number 1 or downstream.

In the downstream area, stop to immerse yourself in the unspoiled natural scenery here. Gentle in the midst of thousands of mountains and forests, a small stream with clear water flows through rocks of all shapes. Gently put your feet in the cool water, all your fatigue and worries seem to be washed away by the water, leaving only the serenity and peace of mind, separate from the outside world.

Some notes when traveling to Ba Ho stream

  • Should bring fast food, cold drinks, drinking water, allergy medicine, sunscreen, …
  • Eat and drink at the tourist area’s food court because it is not allowed to bring food in and cook for yourself.
  • Do not throw or litter indiscriminately.
  • Do not light a fire or cook (to avoid a forest fire).
  • Should abide by the rules set forth by the management of the resort.

Wish you have a memorable trip.

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