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‘Taking in’ the delicious breakfast restaurants in Nha Trang that are super popular

Let’s go with Vinlove to find and locate delicious breakfast restaurants in Nha Trang that are popular, but if you have the opportunity to travel to Nha Trang , you must definitely come and enjoy!

1. Co Ba fish noodle soup – one of the delicious breakfast restaurants in Nha Trang for a long time 

Address: 123 Yersin Street, Nha Trang.

Co Ba noodle soup is one of the delicious breakfast restaurants in Nha Trang that has existed for a long time and is always busy with customers coming in and out. Especially the price of food at the restaurant is extremely affordable. The restaurant has a very rich broth that is served with a plate of clean, fresh vegetables. Not only famous for locals, but co Ba noodle soup also attracts a lot of tourists. Although the space of the restaurant is quite small, it is clean and tidy to bring comfort to everyone. 

‘Taking in’ the delicious breakfast restaurants in Nha Trang that are super popular
Co Ba fish noodle shop

2. Co Ha cake soup – favorite delicious breakfast restaurant in Nha Trang 

Address: No. 14 Phan Chu Trinh, Nha Trang

Speaking of a delicious breakfast restaurant in Nha Trang , it is impossible to forget about Miss Ha’s cake shop. If you are part of a team that loves Banh Chung, enjoying breakfast here is too delicious. The restaurant has excellent food quality that is highly appreciated by many visitors. Another plus point is the friendly and enthusiastic service attitude, which is very popular with the diners. 

Co Ha noodle soup shop

3. Ba Thua soup cake – delicious and affordable breakfast restaurant in Nha Trang 

Address: 10A Phan Chu Trinh, Xuong Huan Ward, Nha Trang

The next delicious breakfast restaurant in Nha Trang that you can’t ignore is Mrs. Thua’s banh cuon shop. This is a fairly popular food store with a small area but known and loved by many people. The broth here is cooked from the bones of many types of fish, so it is very sweet and delicious to eat. The noodle soup is a little bit bigger than the vermicelli, served with fish and ball, it’s the right lesson. The space in the restaurant is cool and clean. 

Ba Thua cake soup shop

4. Fish noodle soup – delicious breakfast fish noodle restaurant in Nha Trang 

Address: 170 Bach Dang, Nha Trang

Imagine that, waking up early in the morning in Nha Trang and enjoying a delicious bowl of fish noodle soup is really great. And if you are wondering where to go to enjoy this dish in the coastal city, you should immediately visit the fish noodle shop. This is a famous floating fish noodle brand and is loved by many people. The restaurant has a clean, airy space. The dish has a very unique flavor that those who have eaten it once will have to remember it forever. In addition, this place also sells fish cakes separately. 

Fish noodle shop

5. Thien Hoa Bread – familiar delicious breakfast restaurant in Nha Trang 

Address: No. 14 Phan Chu Trinh, Nha Trang

Bread has long been a familiar breakfast dish for people all over the country, regardless of the region. And in Nha Trang, there is also a very famous and delicious bakery called Thien Hoa bakery. The bread here is super cheap, super delicious and full of nutrients for a new day full of energy. It’s just a popular bakery but it’s clean and airy by the owner. 

Thien Hoa Bakery

6. Big Bang Bread – delicious banh mi shop in Nha Trang 

Address: 66 Huynh Thuc Khang, Nha Trang

Among the delicious breakfast restaurants in Nha Trang , Big Bang bakery is famous for its roast pork sandwich. The bread here has a full filling of roasted meats, a little more herbs, and cucumbers to reduce the feeling of being bored. The price of the dish is also extremely affordable when compared to such a nutritious loaf. Adding a little compliment is that the staff of the shop is quite cute and friendly. 

Bigbang Bakery 

7. Xoi Hien – popular delicious breakfast restaurant in Nha Trang 

Address: No. 12 To Hien Thanh, Nha Trang

Xoi Hien is also a delicious breakfast restaurant in Nha Trang that you can try. The shop provides and serves the guests with many kinds of delicious sticky rice such as sesame sticky rice, bean sticky rice, meat sticky rice,… very quality and delicious. The restaurant’s sticky rice is cooked very flexibly, fragrant and soft. When enjoying, it will be served with coconut, ham to create an explosive flavor on the tip of the tongue. The price in the restaurant is also very affordable, the space is clean. The shop owner talks very happily, is friendly, always greets customers with a smile, so she is very popular with many people. 

Hien sticky rice shop

8. Pho Vu – delicious pho restaurant in Nha Trang 

Address: 119 Dien Bien Phu, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Pho Vu is considered as one of the pho restaurants belonging to TOP cave in Nha Trang. Pho here always retains the typical flavor of Hanoi pho. The broth is very rich, fragrant, and accompanied by a plate of fresh vegetables, it is perfect. The restaurant is spacious and clean. There are a lot of customers coming in and out, but the quality of service is quite high. A delicious breakfast restaurant in Nha Trang that you must definitely visit, right?

Pho Vu restaurant
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9. Hong Ngoc snail vermicelli – delicious breakfast restaurant in Nha Trang should try 

Address: No. 79 Hoang Dieu, Nha Trang

When coming to Nha Trang, you cannot ignore snail noodle soup and of all the addresses, Hong Ngoc snail vermicelli is famous for its round snails, which are marinated to taste. The broth has a sweet taste, adding a little shrimp paste, crispy water spinach will definitely bring visitors a great breakfast. 

Hong Ngoc snail noodle shop

10. Hue beef noodle soup Ngo Gia Tu – famous delicious breakfast restaurant in Nha Trang 

Address: 100 Ngo Gia Tu, Nha Trang

If you do not know a good breakfast restaurant in Nha Trang , you can try Hue beef noodle shop in Ngo Gia Tu. The beef noodle soup here is praised by many people for its rich, aromatic broth. The chewy, delicious vermicelli noodles, beef, and fragrant spring rolls blend together to create a unique flavor that is hard to describe. If you want to enjoy a comfortable breakfast, come a little early because the restaurant is very crowded and you will have to wait a long time. 

Hue Beef Noodles Ngo Gia Tu

Luhanhvietnam has just suggested delicious breakfast restaurants in Nha Trang in the above article. If there is a place that you have not enjoyed in the morning, come and try it now!

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