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‘Hidden’ at Yang Bay Park Immerse yourself in the wild nature

Impressive with shimmering waterfalls, vast clear green colors of mountains and forests and typical beauty of highland areas, Yang Bay Park will definitely be a destination that makes you fall in love when you stop by. 

Khanh Hoa is not only a wonderful coastal country with romantic islands or stretches of sand embracing clear blue beaches but also has beautiful mountain scenery with majestic waterfalls. If you want to “change the wind” to enjoy the cool and fresh air of the primeval forests or check in the majestic white waterfall, then come to toYang Bay Nha Trang Park, a clear and peaceful paradise where you can relax and immerse yourself in the endless nature. 

Yang Bay Park is a beautiful unspoiled paradise of Khanh Hoa.

Where is Yang Bay Park? How come?

Yang Bay Park is located 50k southwest of Nha Trang coastal city center in the territory of Nga Hai pine, Khanh Phu commune, Khanh Vinh district, Khanh Hoa province. This park is located in a beautiful valley with green grass and colorful flowers, cool air with diverse landscapes with forests and waterfalls. The scenery here is likened to an epic song that is both powerful, majestic and gentle as a lyrical poem. 

‘Hidden’ at Yang Bay Park Immerse yourself in the wild nature

The park is a very popular check-in point.

To get to this famous park, visitors can choose to travel easily with many different means of transport such as cars, motorbikes, taxis. The road to the park is completely paved, flat and wide so visitors can move easily. From Nha Trang city center, to get to Yangbay park, you move in the direction of Dien Khanh, then switch to Khanh Vinh – Da Lat pass, continue to Danh Thac hot mineral spring area and move 3 more to Another 4 km, you will see directions to Yang Bay Nha Trang Park. 

You can get to Yang Bay very easily, with convenient transportation. Photo: Yang Bay Park

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Stay at Yang Bay Park 

Check-in Yang Bay Park, visitors can stay beautiful if needed at the comfortable motel located on the premises. This guesthouse is located on the peaceful Hocho stream with a front view of the lotus lake, green lawn and romantic peach garden. Each room of this property has a garden view window, overlooking the mountains and fresh air. The beautiful and comfortable accommodation space makes visitors feel like they are in their own homes. 

This place has separate accommodation for visitors so you can comfortably spend the night. Photo:@liliya475_

Check-in points and great experiences at Yang Bay Park 

Yang Bay Park is a very attractive eco-tourism destination, where you will be able to immerse yourself in unspoiled nature and participate in many interesting activities as well as check-in at many attractive locations. 

Yang Bay falls to the sky in the middle of the ocean

This is the most prominent check-in place here, the waterfall is 80 meters high, 2000 meters long and is the main waterfall in the system of 3 large waterfalls in the park including Yang Bay, Yang Khang and Ho Cho. According to the Raglai people, the name Yang Bay means heaven waterfall, the waterfall owns beautiful scenery like soft silk across the old forest, at the foot of the waterfall is a clear and cool lake. so that visitors can comfortably participate in water games or interesting activities such as rafting between the falls, fish massage, check-in Cuu Ho Son, wisteria flower path, Love Bridge. 

Yang Bay Waterfall is the most prominent check-in point in the park. Photo: @juli_ree

The lake at the foot of the waterfall is clear. Photo:@letaushiyomlet

Mystic Tree

This is a very special check-in place, the Moc Than tree in Yang Bay Park has been around for a long time, estimated to be more than 500 years old. Moc Than has 2 leather trees and 1 birth tree wrapped around each other with a length of more than 25 meters, a canopy of 200 meters wide, a trunk of 20 people to hug.

Big Wood Spirit tree in the park., Photo:@belskaya_alina.

The name Moc Than is given to the tree because it is considered as a spiritual symbol associated with the spiritual life of the Raglai people for generations. People around the area say that Moc Than has 8 faces and faces 8 directions to symbolize 8 problems in each person’s life: family, health, love, study, career, money, and self-love. and peace of mind. Because they think the tree is very sacred, people often come to pray. Visitors can also send their wishes at Moc Than tree through red and yellow silk ribbons hanging from the tree trunk. 

People think that the tree is very sacred, so they often pray and send wishes here. Photo: @maru_prokopenko

Yang Bay Bird Park 

At Yang Bay Park, you can visit the bird garden, where there are more than 1000 individuals including many different species such as rocket, cuckoo, taiwan, five-color, bird’s nest, cinnamon stick, mangh man… You can feed the birds yourself, watch, take pictures or experience ostrich riding here. 

The bird garden is an interesting check-in point. Photo: @karyakina_on

Ho-cho waterfall hot mineral area 

This is a place that is loved by many people, Yang Bay Park has a very rich source of natural mineral mud with many beneficial minerals for health. You can just take a dip and enjoy the vast scenery of the mountains. There are many services such as natural hot mineral swimming pool, mineral mud bath, cosmetic mud plastering, or reflexology massage.

Hot mineral area is a crowded destination. Photo: Yang Bay Park

Fairy garden and pearl island 

This area is newly built but has quickly become a favorite with tourists. This is a flower field up to 14000 meters wide, where hundreds of thousands of flowers bloom together to create a brilliant scene. You can also go to Pearl Island to ride ducks, enjoy lake views and relax. 

Fairy garden full of flowers. Photo:@emmai_vuive


Not only can you explore the natural beauty, at Yang Bay Park you can also discover the unique culture of the indigenous Raglai people. The museum is a place to display unique ethnic musical instruments such as Khanh Son lute, Tacung flute, Taleploi trumpet, Chapi lute, T’rung … 

Unique Raglai cultural show 

The area around Yang Bay Park has more than 70% of the population being Raglai people with a unique traditional culture. Raglai cultural show is where the cultural beauty, indigenous customs are reproduced through dances, music, traditional costumes. Guests can enjoy unique performances or experience playing traditional Raglai instruments. 

Raglai cultural show is a special activity. Photo: Yang Bay Park

Delicious food at Yang Bay Park 

Coming to Yang Bay Park , you can not only relax, rest and explore the unspoiled beauty of the mountains and forests, but also enjoy attractive dishes, typical of local cuisine. The park has 2 large restaurants, Dao Ngoc and Dai thousand with a total capacity of up to 900 guests serving specialty dishes. Typical delicacies here such as chamois salad, French dau gourd, steamed wild boar with pumpkin gourd, deep-fried crocodile hands, deep-fried stream fish and hundreds of other delicious dishes. 

Yang Bay cuisine is very unique. Photo: Yang Bay Park

Grilled whole crocodile at Yang Bay is very popular. Photo: Yang Bay Park

Check-in to Yang Bay Park is an interesting experience when coming to Khanh Hoa, although in the land of the sea, you can experience and enjoy the wild space of mountains, waterfalls and lakes. Cultural and culinary attractions. Visitors to Khanh Hoa, remember to choose Yang Bay as a stopover.  

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