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Discovered the nostalgic and vintage Nha Trang iron bridge, only beautiful to extremely beautiful on pictures

Few people know that the Nha Trang iron bridge is a great photography location, producing a series of beautiful and unique photos. 

Where is Nha Trang Iron Bridge?

Nha Trang Iron Bridge is one of the beautiful destinations, bringing many impressive virtual photos to visitors. Not a magnificent project, but the iron bridge across the Cai river in Ngoc Hiep Ward, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province is a beautiful coordination and is loved by many tourists.

Nha Trang Iron Bridge crosses the Cai River. Photo: @phuongnha_

This iron bridge is easy to find because it is located near Po Nagar mineral spring . To get here, you can turn on Google Maps and follow the directions. Or if you want to go faster, you just need to ask the local residents for dedicated instructions. 

Discovered the nostalgic and vintage Nha Trang iron bridge, only beautiful to extremely beautiful on pictures
This bridge is located near Po Nagar mineral spring. Photo: @blue_hair79

This virtual living place in Nha Trang is not just a place to take virtual pictures. This is also the ideal coordinate for dreamy souls watching the sunset, chilling by the quiet river. If you have the opportunity to come to Nha Trang, take some time to visit this bridge to see that Khanh Hoa province is not only sea and islands. 

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The beauty of Nha Trang iron bridge

Nha Trang iron bridge is a work tinged with time, built in the last century – during the French colonial period. If Hanoi capital has the Long Bien bridge, Nha Trang city has an iron bridge lying across the Cai river, bringing in a nostalgic beauty that few places have. 

This iron bridge was built during the French colonial period. Photo: @marvinvinnh

Visiting this iron bridge, visitors will be surprised by the old bold imprint of this place. Because it is made of iron, over time, the bridge’s railings, pillars and details on the bridge have rusted, and become yellow and old. How many years of history have passed, many changes in the times have made this work more nostalgic. 

Many details on the bridge are old. Photo: @bagiaxurinh

In the middle of a beautiful and modern coastal city, the iron bridge reappears with a nostalgic beauty. A little old vintage, a little retro gently of the bridge creates a beautiful background. That is why more and more young people come to take pictures and check in with this bridge. 

The bridge has a beautiful virtual living view. Photo: @gitcheegitcheegoo_102

Thanks to crossing the Cai River, the view here is quite wide and airy. The bridge is also long enough to create a large space for visitors to enjoy walking and taking pictures. Even if you don’t like virtual life, this is also an ideal place to enjoy the scenery and relax along the romantic river. 

Train tracks run between the bridge, the photo is full of art. Photo: @mr.karma97

Initially, the Nha Trang iron bridge was just a random stop for a few tourists. But because the photos taken here are so beautiful, the bridge is becoming more and more famous day by day. Not only tourists from afar, but also local residents often visit the bridge, watch the sunset and then pose, and take some beautiful pictures.

Just sit in and have a beautiful check-in photo to bring back. Photo: @amber81

As a completely free check-in coordinate, this iron bridge is also chosen by many couples to take wedding photos and save beautiful moments. Above the sky are high white clouds, surrounded by worn-out iron bars, creating an old background, suitable for those who love vintage beauty.  

Love the vintage beauty, you should visit this iron bridge. Photo: @elie_lt2505

Not a magnificent construction, but the Nha Trang iron bridge has an impressive attraction. The bridge seems to retain a deep feature of the civilization of the last century, a place for those who love nostalgia to stop and feel easy. Regardless of whether it is a clear sunny morning or a golden sunset at the end of the horizon. 

Virtual life experience at Nha Trang iron bridge 

According to many tourists ‘ experience discovering Nha Trang , the afternoon is the time when this bridge is the most beautiful. Thanks to crossing the river, there is always a cool breeze here, blowing away all the worries and sorrows in your heart. Coming here to watch the sunset is also an opportunity for you to take many beautiful and quality photos.

Sunset is the best time to visit this bridge. Photo: @quyen.thao

The iron bridge is designed with two lanes for vehicles. However, currently, there is only one lane for traffic. So visitors coming here can enjoy taking pictures in the remaining lane without worrying about traffic. Not to mention, the area of ​​​​the track between the bridge is also very beautiful. However, this is the railway with the North – South train running through. You should be careful if you want to take pictures.

The beauty of Nha Trang iron bridge when viewed from afar. Photo: @thanhh_huee

Nha Trang iron bridge is one of the most beautiful places and is loved by young people when visiting the coastal city. This destination has no entertainment activities at all, just a beautiful coordinate for you to enjoy the scenery, take some commemorative photos or simply reminisce about the old years through old photos. of the bridge was built in the French period.

Photo: Instagram

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