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Traveling to Mui Ne for the Lunar New Year 2022, don’t miss these places

How to travel to Mui Ne during the Lunar New Year? 

Traveling to Mui Ne for the Lunar New Year 2022, visitors can go by train or bus. Each vehicle will have its own advantages. If you choose a bus, you can go straight to Mui Ne or the car will take you right to the resort you booked. If you go by train, the station will stop at the city center. To go to Mui Ne, you continue to hire a taxi or motorbike. 

Traveling to Mui Ne for the Lunar New Year 2022, don’t miss these places

Where to go to Mui Ne for the Lunar New Year 2022?

As an attractive tourist destination, you should not worry too much about money when traveling to Mui Ne for the Lunar New Year 2022 . If you want to rest in the city center for convenient transportation, you can go to a chain of hotels opposite Doi Duong beach such as: Doi Duong hotel, Binh Minh hotel,… Room system in these hotels Modern, comfortable, good service. Besides, for those who want to immerse themselves in nature, they can book rooms of resorts by the sea.

Staying at the resort is too good, right? 

Where to go when traveling to Mui Ne during the Lunar New Year 2022? 

1. Mui Ne fishing village

During the trip to Mui Ne for the Lunar New Year , Mui Ne fishing village is the name that many people are most interested in. By coming here, visitors will directly witness the scene of hundreds of colorful boats anchored quite thickly on the clear blue sea. Nearby there is a market that is always busy with buyers and sellers in the early morning. Choose for yourself some fresh and cheap seafood that has just been caught and then bring it back to the resort restaurant to ask the chef to cook for you!

Mui Ne fishing village 
Very beautiful photo background 

2. Flying sand dunes

Flying sand dunes is definitely a place you cannot miss in your tour to Mui Ne during the Lunar New Year . The image of the characteristic orange-yellow giant sandbanks is the first factor that attracts the eyes of many tourists. Because sand always changes shape and color according to the direction of wind and sunlight, the name “flying sandhill” was born. Here, you can participate in sandboarding or off-road racing. In addition, the sand dunes are also very good virtual coordinates. 

Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes (Photo: eb_ccc)
(Photo: Linhchan.709)

3. Hon Rom

Hon Rom Island has long been considered the most wonderful destination in Mui Ne. The island is known for its flawless beauty of turquoise water, smooth beveled beaches and clear sky. Coming here, you will have many interesting experiences such as: swimming comfortably, watching the brilliant sunrise or the fiery sunset. This is also home to a series of high-class resorts with high-class services. In addition, you can also enjoy a variety of fresh seafood dishes. 

Hon Rom Island Mui Ne 

4. Wine Castle  

If you are a fan of wine, you cannot ignore the wine castle when traveling to Mui Ne for the Lunar New Year . The castle was built in classical European architecture, located in the 5 * Sea Links City resort. Inspired by the Napa Valley wine valley (California, USA), the wine castle has a large square, ancient dome but no less luxurious and sophisticated, soaring watchtowers bringing the view of the city. Visitors embrace the green space of the resort. 

The wine castle is located in a resort 

During your next trip here, you will be guided to visit 2 wine cellars and wine production models located deep underground. Besides, you can also enjoy some famous wines in Napa Valley labeled Napa 77, Napa 66, Napa 55, Napa 99 or Napa 88. 

If you are a wine lover, you can’t miss this place 

5. Tuy Phong blower field

The fan field in Tuy Phong is a famous check-in place, about 90km from Phan Thiet city. This place features white wind turbines. Very large blower up to 95m high, 49m wide turbine blade is very impressive. A lot of young people are always hunting to come here to take pictures and if you don’t say it clearly, many people think you are traveling in the west. Tuy Phong fan field is located on National Highway 1A, so anyone passing by wants to stop for a while to live a virtual life. 

Tuy Phong fan fields 
(Photo: olivesieunhan)

6. Cu Lao Cau

Traveling to Mui Ne for the Lunar New Year 2022, you can visit Cu Lao Cau to feel the wild and close beauty. If you are someone who wants to find a quiet and fresh space, Cu Lao Cau is too reasonable. One more thing to emphasize, this island is not suitable for anyone who likes the hustle and bustle like in the mainland. On the island, tourism services have not yet developed strongly, there are only a few small shops, so you should prepare your own drinks and food when you go to the island. A trip to Cu Lao Cau will be a wonderful experience at the beginning of the new year. 

Cu Lao Cau
(Photo: tientinker)

7. Ta Cu Mountain 

Ta Cu Mountain is a very famous destination in Mui Ne. This is a tropical forest with extremely diverse flora and fauna ecosystem. On the mountain at an altitude of 457m, there is a pagoda built in 1897 with two areas, Linh Son Truong Tho and Linh Son Long Doan. This is also the place where the largest reclining Buddha statue in our country is located with a height of 11m and a length of 49m. Next to the main statue is the statue of Quan The Am, the statue of Buddha Amitabha and the statue of Dai The Chi. Going to Ta Cu mountain on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, visitors can experience activities such as climbing, sightseeing, cable car, and worshiping temples. 

Breathtakingly beautiful space from Ta Cu mountain (Photo: sam_suri1507)
Unique check-in point on Ta Cu mountain 

Traveling to Mui Ne for the Lunar New Year 2022, what to eat? 

It is indeed a huge omission when you travel to Mui Ne for the Lunar New Year and ignore the local dishes. This land is famous for many fresh and delicious seafood dishes at very cheap prices. The famous restaurants in Mui Ne mostly serve dishes made from raw seafood. You can try a few groups such as: black tiger shrimp with mustard, oyster porridge, grilled scallops, fish salad,… In addition, there are many street specialties that make many tourists miss and loved by many people. Locals and diners love it such as: squid teeth, fish cake soup, banh can, Quang noodles, cha lui, quai cauldron cakes, pancakes,… 

In Mui Ne, there are many kinds of delicious seafood 

What could be more wonderful than being with relatives and friends to have a spring trip, relax during the upcoming Lunar New Year in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet . If you have not found your own coordinates yet, then immediately refer to the tourist attractions in Mui Ne for the Lunar New Year 2022 shared above!

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