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The ‘divine’ mausoleum tree in Binh Thuan has blossomed

The ‘divine’ mausoleum tree in Liem Thai village, Hong Liem commune, Ham Thuan Bac district, Binh Thuan has blossomed. Many tourists walking on National Highway 1 passing by here all linger to take pictures with this beautiful flower tree.

The owner of this mausoleum is Mr. Vo Van Ban, 62 years old. Nearly 25 years ago, Mr. Ban went to the forest to see a tree about 1.5m tall with beautiful flowers, so he planted it in front of his house.

He pruned and fertilized all the time, every year the tree bloomed so much.

The tree is nearly 25 years old but blooms almost every year

He said the time when the tree blooms depend largely on the weather, usually around April to August of the lunar calendar. Flowers bloom for a month and then wither. Almost every top has flowers in bloom, covering both leaves and branches.

In recent years, the tree has grown bigger, along with the strong development of social networks, so many people near and far know it. Many people call the tree “divine” because it is so beautiful.

Tourists, and locals, every time they pass by here, stay to take pictures

Every time the tree blooms, Mr. Ban’s yard is always crowded with people to admire and take pictures.

His whole family is very happy because the tree with passion and enthusiasm in caring for so many people enjoys it.

Young people from Phan Thiet City come to “check-in”

Many people came to “prompt” to buy but he refused. “Money can be earned, but such trees are rare,” said Mr. Ban.

This year alone, Mr. Ban’s relatives opened a small restaurant to serve and guide tourists to take pictures.

This year, Mr. Ban’s relatives opened a small restaurant

According to him, in addition to the technical factors, the soil and weather conditions in this land are suitable for the mausoleum. Not only his house, along National Highway 1, Hong Liem commune, but most of the houses also have a mausoleum tree. Particularly, the tree of Mr. Ban’s house is the oldest and has the most flowers.

Every time visitors pass by here, they stay to “check-in”.

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