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Fishing port ‘island town’ is bustling at the end of the year

KIEN GIANG – Shrimp fishes to the shore in the last month of the year, after this trip, boats and fishermen will take a Tet holiday.

Kien Giang province has a developed fishing industry, with a fleet of 10,000 fishing boats with the largest length of 6 m or more, of which nearly 4,000 fishing boats with the largest length of 15 m or more, qualified for offshore fishing. The fishing boats operate nearly 20 types of occupations, belonging to 5 main groups of trades: trawl nets, fin nets, gill nets, fishing and logistics services, of which two occupations account for a large proportion are trawls and gill nets.

Every day at An Thoi port, Phu Quoc has hundreds of large and small ships parked to avoid the wind waiting to go to sea.

At 5:30 am at An Thoi port (Phu Quoc city), ships and boats have returned to shore after several days of floating fishing. Fish after several days of catching are frozen in the compartment to keep fresh. Fish filled in the vessel will return to the port to classify for consumption.

Currently, many local fishermen’s fishing vessels are now equipped with modern means (locators, fish detectors, long-range communication …), applying technology to preserve clean products, contributing to part to improve fishing capacity, reduce post-exploitation losses … In the last month of the year, ships that come ashore will prepare fuel and rocks for a long departure and then take a Tet holiday. Small boats catch 5-7 days, and large ships go far longer will take longer.

Mr. Huynh Van Minh (An Thoi) happily showed off the big fish he caught after a long fishing trip. When the big fishing boat comes to the dock, it can only dock far from the shore, so the boat owner uses a small boat to transport fish to the shore, for traders to choose.

Having a job as a taxi driver, he has to pay 700,000 VND to the company every day. For many months, Covid has not had a customer, so he has changed his career to the sea to earn more income due to the Tet holiday. Every day going to the beach earns 500,000 VND, he added.

Tuna, barracuda, throbbing, autumn, caskets, sand, rice, … are the fish commonly caught in this sea.

Traders in small toad markets look to buy seafood from larger boat owners or traders. Red grouper and tiger grouper baskets were bought by people right from the time they got ashore. This is a fish with high economic value, nutritious, unique sweet and chewy taste, so it is favored by restaurants and diners.

“The fish brought out from the ship’s cellar, after being bought and sold, will be quickly transported for consumption to keep the fish fresh. Fish caught for a long time and frozen if not handled quickly can be damaged”, Mr. Nguyen Tuan said that he ships these to restaurants in An Thoi Town.

7am the last fishing carts left the port.

An Thoi fish market, a few hundred meters of ports, is where retailers begin to get crowded at 7:30, this is the second largest fish market in the city after Duong Dong fish market, nearly 30km away.

Large marine shrimp costs just over 350 thousand VND / kg, about 6.

This is a retail fish market with a full concentration of fish and seafood just caught. People can buy a lot, a little, or a piece depending on their needs.

The fishing boat returns to the shore when the fish is full, each trip to the sea to catch a short 4 days, a month long, the boat returns early in the morning or at night. “For most offshore fishing vessels, this is the time to come back to the shore to sell fish, refuel to prepare for the journey to bring Tet home,” said Nguyen Van Sa, owner of a fishing vessel.

Phu Quoc has 3 months of rainy season every year, with strong waves and wind, so boats and cages have to be relocated to avoid a full shelter. In 9 months of dry season, ships parked in the south of the island next to high-class resorts.

Ngoc Thanh/vnexpress

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