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Carrying a backpack at the weekend to explore Ha Tien Mountain of Lights

Ha Tien Lamp Mountain has long become a favorite backpacking destination for young people with its beautiful coastal road like a fairyland. In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to visit the Den mountain ecological area and the beautiful lighthouse in the picture.

Where is Ha Tien Lamp Mountain?

Ha Tien Mountain or Nui Den eco-tourism area is located on provincial road 28 in Ha Tien town, Kien Giang province. In, Nui Den includes large lamp mountains and small lamp mountains. This tourist destination looks like a poetic picture with one side of the majestic mountains and the other side is the endless blue sea. Coming to Lamp Mountain, visitors will be able to organize picnics, and resorts and check in beautiful virtual living. 

Carrying a backpack at the weekend to explore Ha Tien Mountain of Lights
Lamp Mountain is an attractive destination for tourists in Ha Tien

Instructions on how to move to Ha Tien Mountain of Lights

Ha Tien Mountain Lights Kien Giang has located about 18km from the center of Ha Tien town. To get to this place, visitors first need to get to Ha Tien by bus or private vehicle, depending on the departure point. When coming to Ha Tien town center, you follow the direction of DT28 about 5.4km with 13 minutes to move to this place. In general, the road is quite beautiful and close, so you can ride a motorbike to be proactive about travel time. 

Instructions on how to move to Nui Den

Explore the beautiful scenery of Ha Tien Den mountain

What does Ha Tien Den Mountain have? Visitors will be able to check in the lighthouse, mountain trekking, and relax at Den Mountain. 

Going on a trip to the Mountain of Lights

One of the interesting experiences when coming here is going to Nui Den. Up here, visitors can rent motorbikes to travel with friends and relatives to admire the beautiful and poetic roads right next to the sea. The lush green casuarina trees along with the cool sea breeze will make you extremely comfortable.

The mountain road has beautiful scenery
Enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air at Den Mountain

Check in the beautiful and sparkling lighthouse

When traveling to Ha Tien Den mountain, visitors will admire the ancient lighthouse more than two hundred years old. This lighthouse is an indispensable part for ships here to be able to safely dock after setting sail.

Lighthouse at Nui Den with a beautiful view

The lighthouse is located on the top of Den Nho mountain. When standing from the top of the lighthouse, visitors will be able to see the entire magnificent natural scenery here. The best time is at dawn or dusk. The natural scenery is really like a fairyland. Go to the lighthouse to admire the scenery, and don’t forget to check in beautiful photos to make memories and show off to your friends.

Beautiful check-in at Nui Den in Ha Tien. Photo: @_kankan.319

Relax at Ha Tien Mountain Lights ecotourism resort

Although it is an emerging tourist destination, the quality of tourism services here is very satisfactory and appreciated by tourists. Ha Tien Nui Den’s eco-tourism area meets 3-star standards with 22 bungalows. There is a restaurant system in the house and along the beach. In, Nui Den – Ha Tien restaurant can accommodate up to nearly 200 guests inside and 500 guests outside. The dishes here are quite diverse with a variety of fresh seafood that will surely satisfy even the most demanding guests. 

Relax at Ha Tien Mountain Lights ecotourism resort

There are tennis courts, swimming pools and continue to build 78 bungalows, massage areas, and souvenir kiosks. Therefore, visitors coming here can not only admire the beautiful natural scenery but also experience many convenient services. 

Combining resort in Nui Den eco-zone
Swimming pool of Nui Den Resort

Tourist places near Ha Tien Lamp Mountain

Near Ha Tien Mountain, Kien Giang has many famous attractions that visitors can combine for a more complete trip and interesting experiences such as: 

– Hai Tac Island : When coming to Hai Tac island, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the wild natural scenery and understand more about the life of the fishing village. The beaches here are not too wide but very clean and unspoiled. Which, Bai Dua is a famous beach and many people choose to swim and relax when coming to Hai Tac island .

Check-in Pirate Island near Den Mountain. Photo: dulichvietnam

– Temple of God Thanh Hoang Bon Canh : Temple of God Thanh Hoang is an ancient communal house that is more than 200 years old. This is the place of worship of the ancestors who had merit in expanding and exploring the ancient lands. This is also a spiritual tourist destination that many tourists frequent when coming to Ha Tien land.

– Thach Dong : Located about 5km from the center of Ha Tien, this is a place to visit that attracts a lot of tourists. Not only beautiful scenery but also associated with the famous legend Thach Sanh saved the princess. Going deeper into the cave, visitors will admire the system of stone towers and magical caves. Inside the cave, there is also a pagoda named Tien Son. This temple was during the time of Buddha Shakyamuni and Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.

If you are planning to explore the beautiful scenery of Ha Tien Den mountain , then what are you waiting for, let’s pack a backpack and join your friends to explore this beautiful paradise here! Don’t forget to save your Ha Tien travel experience to have the most useful information for your upcoming trip! 

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