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Return to Nghe country to enjoy the famous “unique” hamster meat

Yen Thanh rice district (Nghe An) has long been associated with the nickname “rat meat people”, because this is a famous countryside with the famous “unique” hamster meat dish.

Return to Nghe country to enjoy the famous “unique” hamster meat
After each harvest season, people flock to the fields to hunt mice.

These days, when passing through some rice fields in the Yen Thanh district, it is easy to see groups from adults to children hunting mice in the fields. After days of rain and floods, the water in the fields rises, causing the field mice to find places to hide or hide in burrows in the fields. This is also the right time for rat hunters to “practice”.

Tools to hunt mice are also very simple, including a hoe, a bucket to scoop up water, and a bag to hold the mouse. According to experienced hunters, if you want to hunt mice effectively, you must know its behavior such as: where it often resides, when it is reasonable to catch mice…

On average, each group of hunters usually has 3-4 people.

Usually, there are many ways to effectively catch hamsters such as: Pouring water, using a hoe or taking advantage of flooded water levels after heavy rain, mice will actively climb out of the cave and climb up the mounds, green trees…

As for how to pour water, rat burrows often have many niches, mouse hunters only need to fill the remaining niches with soft soil or young mud, then choose the main cave to scoop up water with a bucket. When the cave is full of water, causing the mouse to suffocate, the mouse tries to get out.

After finding the mouse hole, people will dig a hole in the mouth of the cave and pour water into the cave. When water flooded the nooks and crannies of the burrow, rats would run out. 

At this time, most of the mice were wet with fur, so it was difficult to run fast, so the catcher would be easy. However, there are also those that rush out of the cave and jump into the field to find a way to escape, making the search for hunters difficult.

As for how to use a hoe, the group of hunters often “arranges troops” first. One person will use a hoe to dig a hole, and 3-4 people will stand around waiting for the mouse to come out in many ways to catch it such as: using bare hands, sticks to beat to death… Besides, the method of taking advantage of flooded rats will climb. On the tree, the mounds are high, so when catching is also very effective.

In the flood season, rats will climb trees and high mounds, so hunting will be easier.

According to behavior, hamsters often live in groups, so there are burrows with only 2-3 animals, but there are burrows that can hold about 10-15 animals.

Mr. Thai Huu Thap (born 1980, residing in Xuan Thanh commune, Yen Thanh district), a well-known rat hunter in the area, said: “After every harvest, my brother and I go to the fields to hunt mice. After the crop, the mice are very fat, so they are processed into very suitable drinks. On average, it takes 2 hours a day to catch 3-5 kg ​​of mice, which is normal.”

Not only adults, but children in this area are also familiar with hunting mice.

Although only 15 years old, but Phan Trong Khanh (residing in Quang Thanh commune, Yen Thanh district) has become a fairly skilled mouse hunter.

Khanh said: “Since I was a child, I have followed my brothers and sisters to the fields to hunt mice, so now it has become a habit. Catching rats both prevents them from destroying crops and has nutritious food.”

Rats are rodents living in cool places, mainly eating agricultural products and natural foods such as crabs, snails, etc., so they are very fatty and nutritious.

The rat hunters in this countryside said that after catching the mice, they will be collected with yellow straw, then begin to peel the skin, cut off the head, tail, and legs.

Stir-fried rat with lemongrass and chili with spicy cabbage leaves is popular with many people.

Depending on each person’s preferences, rat meat is processed into many different dishes such as: fried rat with lemongrass and chili rolled with spicy cabbage leaves, cooked mouse imitation civet, grilled mouse, rimmed rat shoveling rice paper …

Rat meat today is not only a daily food of families in the countryside but also a “specialty” dish that many people love in the city. Follow Dan trí

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