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The specialty craft village is busy in the Tet supply season

The craft village of making dried shrimp, shrimp cakes … the southernmost region is racing against time to prepare goods to be supplied to the market on the occasion of the Lunar New Year of Tan Suu 2021.

These days, running along the communal roads of Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province, the most noticeable image is that people in the craft village are busy drying shrimp, shrimp cake … to supply to the market. school on the occasion of the New Year’s Day of Tan Suu 2021.

Referring to Ngoc Hien district, many people will think of the southernmost mainland of the country with the national coordinate landmark GPS 0001, the Ca Mau Cape Biosphere Reserve, mangrove forests, vast fish sauce and countless species. aquatic products under the forest canopy are favored by nature. However, there will be a lack of control if not mentioning the “craft village” that makes dried shrimp, shrimp crackers, shrimp paste, and Ngoc Hien salt flakes.

Under the chilly weather of the last days of the year, but the dried shrimp and shrimp crackers in Ngoc Hien district are always lit up, the workers call each other to make the countryside at the end of the country.

Mr. Bui Van Chuong, Director of Tan Phat Loi Cooperative, said that for more than 10 years, he has worked with the profession of making dried shrimp, shrimp crackers, crabs, oysters, shrimp paste, floss shrimp … The average commune exported to the market was about 4 tons of products of all kinds. Particularly, in the 2 months of Tet, the output increased 3 times. Thereby, bringing in revenue above, below 1 billion / year.

Currently, dried shrimp are sold to the market with prices ranging from VND 900,000 – VND 1.5 million / kg (depending on type); Shrimp, crab, oyster puff cake also ranges from 220,000 – 260,000 VND / kg (depending on type).

According to Mr. Chuong, in order for the products to have a delicious and delicious taste, the selected raw shrimp must be organic shrimp, tiger, crab … cultured in the mangrove forest of Ngoc Hien district.

“I and many business households here choose mangrove organic shrimp as raw materials because this place has high salinity plus typical alluvial soil, so when producing dried shrimp, floss shrimp … will give the product the Sweet, fragrant, flexible, distinctive eye-catching natural red color, thereby contributing to creating consumer confidence and preference “, Mr. Chuong explained.

The specialty craft village is busy in the Tet supply season

Kim Tien shrimp cracker manufacturing facility drying shrimp crackers after chopping.Documentary photo: Hong Nhung / TTXVN

In addition, the cooperative also contributes to job creation for more than 30 leisure farm workers in the locality with the income above and below VND 4.5 million / month. Although the above income source is not high compared to working in big cities, it has contributed to stabilizing life, limiting the situation of migrant workers. 

In particular, the above income range also creates conditions for people to welcome the Tet more fully and more properly, said Mr. Le Ngoc Lam, Chairman of Ngoc Hien Farmers’ Association, said there are more than 40 shrimp producing households in the area. dry, shrimp crackers. Currently, establishments are busy producing to serve the Tet market. 

Local authorities regularly check the food safety and hygiene of business establishments to promptly detect and handle violations to ensure the health of consumers. ” Tan Phat Loi Cooperative took advantage of by-products from the processing of dried shrimp, rubbed shrimp … to make shrimp powder, shrimp salt, shrimp sauce. This is a creative step of the cooperative. Thereby, creating diversity in products, increasing competitiveness as well as diversifying products for consumers to choose from “, Mr. Lam said.

Bao Tin tuc/TTXVN

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