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The farmer sells a pair of super giant deer velvet, counting hundreds of millions of “fresh” money

On average, a pair of deer velvet weighs 3-4kg, but Pham Hong Thai’s 5-year-old deer owns a pair of velvet up to 11kg, bringing home an amount of money “never thought of”.

Information that Mr. Pham Hong Thai (residing in hamlet 22, Quynh Vinh commune, Hoang Mai town, Nghe An) sold a pair of deer velvet for 110 million VND($4,400), causing a stir among deer breeders and deer owners from Nghe An. This is considered the most valuable pair of deer velvet ever in Nghe An. The weight of the deer velvet pair also surpassed many records when reaching 10.93kg.($1=25,000 VND)

The farmer sells a pair of super giant deer velvet, counting hundreds of millions of “fresh” money
Mr. Pham Hong Thai next to the deer for a pair of terrible and poisonous velvet (Photo: T.Thuy).

Mr. Thai said that this deer was bought by his family about 3 years ago for 120 million VND. At that time, the deer began to “pop the lid” on the velvet. In the first year, the deer velvet pair weighed 8.2kg and sold more than 70 million VND.

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“In the second year, the deer velvet is bigger, more beautiful, and has a more unique shape. We also think that this pair of velvet is big, but we didn’t think it weighed nearly 11kg like that,” Mr. Thai informed.

The pair of deer velvet is considered terrible and unique in Nghe An so far (Photo: T.Thuy).

Recently, Mr. Thai’s family cut the velvet pair for sale. Many curious people came to admire this rare pair of deer velvet. In the end, a woman doing business in Hoang Mai town spent nearly 110 million VND to own the aforementioned pair of super giant deer velvet.

In addition to the deer for the aforementioned 11kg velvet pair, not long ago Mr. Thai also sold a pair of 8.1kg velvet.

To have a pair of terrible deer, according to Mr. Thai, there is no special secret, the most important thing is to choose a good source of seed. In addition, the owner of the deer farm also said that when he was young, he helped his father pick leaves for the deer and observed how to take care of the deer when it was in the “opening” stage.

The pair of deer velvet has a total weight of 10.93kg (Photo: T.Thuy).

“I saw at that time, my father fed the deer more corn and 2 ounces of soaked soybeans every day. Feeding frequency and the number of soybeans must be maintained continuously throughout the care period, until the velvet harvest. . In my opinion, soaked soybeans provide many nutrients, especially protein to increase resistance for deer and for larger velvet,” concluded the owner of the deer farm.

Mr. Thai’s family has a tradition of raising deer, a profession that has been maintained for 40 years since the life of his father, Mr. Pham Hong Dinh. Mr. Dinh is also the pioneer in raising deer and deer for velvet in the old Quynh Luu district (now Quynh Luu district and Hoang Mai town).

After Mr. Dinh died, Mr. Thai succeeded his father. However, after a while, he decided to sell all the deer and raise only deer. Currently, in his family barn, there are more than 30 deer, of which 5 are male deer for velvet, and the rest are female deer for reproduction.

This woman has spent nearly 110 million VND to own the aforementioned pair of giant deer velvet (Photo: T.Thuy).

According to this man, the male deer is about 3 years old when he has started to give velvet. From the time “open the cap” grows to over 80 days, the velvet can be harvested. The deer is harvested once a year, each pair has an average weight of 3-4kg. Compared with the price of deer antler velvet, deer antler velvet is cheaper but the weight of deer antler is usually larger (5-6 taels/pair), so in terms of economic value, it is better to raise deer.

The weight of deer antler increases gradually in the first 10 years, then level off. Healthy deer can harvest for up to 30 years.

The deer can harvest velvet for nearly 30 years, so this animal is also known as the “billionaire” (Photo: T.Thuy).

“According to oriental medicine, deer velvet is very good for women, with uses such as nourishing blood, beautifying the skin, enhancing health… Velvet can be processed by slicing and drying, grinding into powder or soaking with water. The deer is raised completely naturally, the food is grass, forest leaves and corn. This animal is easy to raise, has few diseases, only colds when the weather changes, a one-time investment but a long time to harvest. , does not take too much care.

About 4-5 years ago, the price of deer velvet has been stable. On average, every year deer farmers in Quynh Luu district and Hoang Mai town supply about 4-5 tons of velvet, which does not meet the market demand, “said Mr. Thai.

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