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The fruit has the same name as an animal, before it fell into the forest, it is now a specialty with a price of 150,000 VND/kg

This plant grows wild in the forest, green in four seasons and ripens at the end of the year, its seeds are fragrant, crispy, and greasy, which is sought after by many people.

Not only is it a symbol of the intense vitality of the Central Highlands people because of its straight trunk and four green seasons, but the Irvingia tree, also known as the civet, also gives a grain of high economic value, which is loved by many people.

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For sale pine nuts for 150,000 VND/kg, Ms. Uyen Nie, residing in Buon Ma Thuot (Dak Lak), said that the Irvingia tree, also known as the civet tree, the lonely tree is a large tree with a dense canopy. stilts grow wild in the forest and is green all year round. ($1=25,000 VND)

The tree, also known as the civet tree, is lush all year round.

“Kenia trees do not grow into forests, but live alone, but they do not change leaves in four seasons, so the villagers go to the fields, when they are tired, they often sit under this tree to rest. When I’m hungry, I also pick up the kumquat, break the shell with a stone, eat the white inside, very fleshy and greasy,” said Ms. Uyen.

Because it is a wild plant, in the past, most of the time, it was almost exclusively used to eat and play, not to buy and sell. However, in the last few years, the seeds have suddenly become a specialty, sold commercially, or even purchased for export, so the price has increased from a few tens of thousands of dong to hundreds of thousands of dong/kg.

The fruit has the same name as an animal, before it fell into the forest, it is now a specialty with a price of 150,000 VND/kg

The ripe cherries are still inert, each seed is picked up by people to play or sell.

According to Ms. Uyen, the fruit looks like an oval, as small as a thumb. When ripe, it turns pale yellow and falls off on its own. The tree bears fruit only once a year. In November every year, people go to the forest to collect each small bag, break the seeds and sell them.

“It takes 6-7kg of fruit to break 1kg of seeds. When chewing raw seeds, you will clearly see the characteristic aroma of essential oils in the nose along with the fatty, greasy taste in the palate. If it is dry roasted like peanuts, it will be fragrant, crispy, and fatty like cashews,” said Uyen.

The tree gives ripe fruit in November every year, people invite each other to pick up and sell. (Photo: Ngoc Thu).

From the fallen fruit that fills the forest, more and more people are looking to buy kichi at the end of the year or Tet, so this time, Ms. Uyen started to wholesale both raw and roasted seeds.

Raw seeds are sold by her for 60-80 thousand VND/kg, roasted seeds cost from 140-150 thousand VND/kg.

For sale on the internet market for 160,000 VND/kg, Ms. Le Thi Yen, residing in Pham Hung (Cau Giay, Hanoi) said that last year she was sent by a friend in Gia Lai as a Tet gift. . Found it strange and delicious, so I asked the importer to sell.

The nuts are larger than the seeds of a watermelon, and are called wild macadamia.

Unexpectedly, this strange seed attracted a lot of people to order. Last year alone, every day, she sold nearly 1 quintal of konia seeds. The goods arrived everywhere, so this year she opened the sale early for customers, both to introduce to customers who have never eaten and to kick off the Tet season.

“Kunia seeds, also known as cereal grains, civet seeds are likened to wild macadamia, which are naturally grown seeds, too clean and safe. The raw seeds only need to be roasted like peanuts for about 8-10 minutes, very fatty, fragrant and crispy, “said Yen.

After roasting, the seeds have a fragrant aroma, very fleshy, greasy and fatty.

Seeing that the apartment market in her area was selling kohlrabi seeds, Ms. Hoang Thu Thao, residing in Tran Binh (Cau Giay, Hanoi) also tried to buy 0.5kg for 150 thousand VND/kg.

“I have only heard the name of the tree in some songs about the Central Highlands, but I have not seen it with my own eyes, not even knowing that the seeds are edible, so I bought them and tried them. It is recognized that it is fleshy, fat and very fragrant, like macadamia nuts, “said Thao.

Gently rub the outer shell to see the white kernel inside, very delicious.

According to Ms. Thao, seeds such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or melon seeds are very familiar to families, so this New Year, she plans to buy a few kilos of kinesia seeds to receive guests. It is both strange and ensures that the Central Highlands forest seeds are clean and safe.

According to some studies, the seeds contain up to 67% oil which is very good for skin and hair. In addition, the amount of protein, calcium and other vitamins in the seeds is very high, including 9% carbohydrates, iron 61.4mg, calcium 103.3mg, and 37mg other vitamins.

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