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Nearly 20 million VND/pair, the giants still don’t mind spending money to own a “poisonous” chicken that only looks at, but dares not eat.

Having a “giant” size, majestic physique, and bringing good luck to the owner, Brahma chicken is widely used by many people to spend tens of millions of dong to own.

Every New Year comes, precious plants and animals are hunted to serve the needs of giants and people with high incomes. Therefore, Brahma chickens, also known as unicorn chickens, giant chickens are sought after by many people, although their prices are up to 14-18 million VND/pair.($1=25,000 VND)

Nearly 20 million VND/pair, the giants still don’t mind spending money to own a “poisonous” chicken that only looks at, but dares not eat.

This is one of the chicken breeds with a super weight of about 8kg/head. There are even animals weighing 18kg/head with mutant strains. The appearance of this chicken breed has a huge body and huge calves.

A unicorn chicken breeder said: “Brahma chickens are known as the “king of chickens” because they weigh from 6kg to nearly 10kg/head. It is in the thick feathers, stretching from the head to the hooves that are very strange and unique”.

Barahma chickens originate from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia …, European countries have much colder weather than Vietnam, but they also adapt very quickly to the climate and weather conditions in Vietnam. Male.

Many people say that owning a pair of unicorn chickens will bring a lot of luck in the new year, so in recent years this chicken has been bought a lot. However, the price depends on coat color, on age.

Chicken Brahma has a quick, eye-catching appearance

For example, if an adult chicken has white feathers and a black collar, the price on the market today ranges from 25-35 million VND/pair of male and female. As for other colors, the price ranges from 15-20 million VND/pair. Particularly for chicks, customers queue to order new umbrellas that come out of eggshells, priced at 500,000 VND/head.

Previously, the owner of a chicken farm in District 12 (HCMC), also said that a pair of adult Brahma chickens usually costs about 15 million VND, 1-1.5 month old chicks average 1 million VND/head .

“This type of chicken is easy to raise, has good habits, and has a gentle and strong appearance, so it is popular with ornamental chicken farmers and can be bought and played. Therefore, the price of chickens is often sky-high. Partially reduced, but still in the top of the most expensive chicken in Vietnam,” he shared.

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