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10 most beautiful and largest urban areas in Vietnam

With the hustle and bustle of work, home is the last place for us to rest and relax. Not only beautiful in architecture, the top 10 most beautiful and largest urban areas in Vietnam that Vinlove introduces below also integrates many modern and luxurious subdivisions based on the top criteria of environment and amusement parks. play, entertainment, infrastructure, quality of education, health, security, etc.

Vinhomes Ba Son (HCMC)

Vinhomes Ba Son is invested, designed, and planned with the goal of becoming a closed high-end complex, including functional subdivisions: Commerce, Service, Entertainment, Apartment, Officetel, Finance, Culture, Luxury Villas. The biggest highlight of Vinhomes Ba Son is the 4-in-1 wide view:

  • Saigon River, central square, park and view to Thu Thiem New Urban Area.
  • In front of Bitexco Building, Ben Thanh and District 1 center.
  • Botanical garden
  • Vinhomes Central Park urban area and the tallest tower in Vietnam (Landmark 81 Tower).

In addition, the metro line “Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien” has been built and will cross the complex and connect the urban area with important functional areas in the city center. Vinhomes Central Park promises in the future to become the second international-class urban area named Vinhomes that Vingroup invests and develops.

10 most beautiful and largest urban areas in Vietnam
Vinhomes Ba Son is considered one of the most famous urban areas in the city. Ho Chi Minh City

Vinhomes Royal City (Hanoi)

Once likened to a “miniature European City”, Vinhomes Royal City is a complex with perfect architecture in elegant European style. Not only beautiful in design, Royal City also has subdivisions. The Royal City complex is located at 72A Nguyen Trai, the intersection between many important traffic hubs, connecting the inner city of Hanoi with the bustling new center of the capital. multi-functional high-class urban area, integrating many utilities such as: luxury apartments, commercial center, entertainment area, beauty care, food court … providing the best conditions for a comfortable and perfect life.

Vinhomes Royal City is considered as a miniature Europe

Sunrise City Urban Area (HCMC)

Sunrise City’s urban area is located in the area of ​​Nguyen Huu Tho and Nguyen Thi Thap streets, right in the center of District 7, so it is quite convenient for transportation to and from the city center. HCM. Sunrise City urban area with full of high-class facilities for living, entertainment, and entertainment needs such as restaurants, supermarkets, amusement parks, hospitals, gyms, … Urban area Sunrise City with high quality and full facilities, is committed to bringing you a modern, classy and safe life.

Sunrise City is located in the center of District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

City Garden urban area (Hanoi)

City Garden urban area brings a peaceful and peaceful living space, which is considered the desire of many people. Not only the high-class apartment area, City Garden is uniquely designed with a large green area, bringing fresh air, but City Garden is also a complex with full facilities, serving and meeting the needs of customers. most of the daily necessities such as supermarkets, cafes, medical centers, spas… for all classes of customers.

City Garden offers customers a safe and comfortable living space

Him Lam urban area (HCMC)

Him Lam urban area has another favorable location when it is located in the best location in the South Saigon area. Not only a spacious and modern urban area with a highly educated community, Him Lam luxury residential area also meets all the standards for a secure and modern life: large supermarkets, schools. High quality, preschool, amusement park for children along with many green parks, ecological lakes, … bring an extremely ideal and comfortable living space.

Him Lam urban area is located in the center of District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

The Manor Urban Area (Hanoi)

The Manor urban area is considered a typical urban area and honors the unique historical values ​​of Hanoi. With a complete residential community including apartments, schools, kindergartens, fitness centers, offices, green parks… The Manor has a good location when located in the western area. Southwest of Hanoi, located in Hoang Mai district, Thanh Tri district. Considered as the most model urban in Hanoi with many functional areas such as houses, schools, hospitals, sports centers, restaurants, bars, green construction areas, spas… convenient, green for residents.

The Manor is located in the southwest area of ​​Hanoi

Dragon City urban area (HCMC)

Dragon City’s urban area is located in the southern urban area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City fully converges dynamism as well as development. With a system of optimal and modern utility services: Health, commerce, education, tennis courts, marinas, swimming pools, green parks… Dragon City brings a harmonious combination of services. catering to all the needs of its residents.

With asynchronous, modern and advanced investment infrastructure system with civilized and luxurious urban facilities, cool and fresh landscape close to nature. Dragon City deserves to be the most model urban area in the South Saigon area.

Eco Park urban area (Hanoi)

Located in the southeast of Hanoi capital, with a scale of nearly 500 hectares , Eco Park urban area not only possesses an ideal and important location but is also considered one of the largest urban areas. northern region. Eco Park is built and developed by architects based on the correlation, balance and harmony between urban space and natural environment to create a multi-purpose city, the most ideal space to meet All needs for: housing, tourism, entertainment, office, commercial, … Class and modern are also two words to talk about Eco Park – the leading urban area in the North.

Overview of Eco Park urban area

Ciputra urban area (Hanoi)

Ciputra urban area is the first new urban area jointly built by Indonesian investors and Vietnam. Ciputra is located in the northwest of Hanoi city and is considered as the highest quality urban area in this area. With international standard public services, utilities in Ciputra urban area include: international standard school, international standard hospital, supermarket system, green park, lake, dormitory room education, mini golf … meet almost all entertainment and entertainment needs of customers.

With a very favorable geographical location, near West LakeSurrounded by the Red River system, bringing cool and airy living space. In addition, Ciputra is also equipped with 24/24 security and protection, so when living here, residents always have a feeling of safety and peace of mind in all living conditions, a living space worth taking advantage of. enjoy and experience.

With international standard services, Ciputra urban area is considered a high-quality urban area in the Hanoi area.

Keangnam urban area (Hanoi)

Keangnam urban area is located on Pham Hung street in Tu Liem district, Hanoi capital. In addition to its favorable geographical position when it is located at the gateway of the Western region, an area with a vibrant economy, convenient transportation and full facilities, Keangnam also stands out with its unique design. new and environmentally friendly.

Keangnam urban area provides a classy and comfortable living space, the most modern. Customers here can fully enjoy an ideal living and working environment with many high-class services and facilities including Parkson shopping mall, Lotte cinema, Intercontinental 5-star luxury hotel , residential building. Restaurants with famous cuisines from around the world, fitness centers, spas and event areas.

Innovative and environmentally friendly design is the highlight of KeangNam urban area

Above are the top 10 largest, most beautiful and good urban areas in Vietnam. Not only unique in architecture, each urban area also offers a series of high-class services. However, choosing the most suitable, comfortable and safe living space for yourself is always an important criterion.

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