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Visiting Tien cave, rowing sup during the trip when the distance is eased

QUANG BINH – runner-up Vu Hoang My throws a dress to pose when visiting Tien cave, rowing sup during the trip when the distance is eased.

Vu Hoang My participated in the first group of tourists from Ho Chi Minh City to Quang Binh, along with a number of travel bloggers, photographers… When she arrived at Tien cave, she was impressed with the magnificent beauty here. She wore an evening gown by designer Ly Giam Tien and asked a close photographer to take a fashion photoshoot.

The beauty likes the rich vegetation here. She said that in the flood season, most of the caves in Quang Binh are flooded, especially the Tien cave is high up so tourists can still visit. She said: “The dome has a very unique swirling texture. When I looked up, I didn’t know how high it was until I saw a tiny bat the size of a dot flying down.

When climbing the terraced rock, she was surprised by the natural texture of the rock. She said: ‘As I climbed each step, my stride fit, as easily as if someone had made it deliberately.

She and the crew took a commemorative photo inside the cave. The runner-up said that the rainy season here also creates a spectacular scene with waterfalls. Although he had exercised well before going, the road from the cave also caused Vu Hoang My to lose a lot of strength.

Before that, she had to cross the forest road more than 3 km to reach Tien cave.

She wore a dress by designer Adrian Anh Tuan when visiting Phong Nha. “The stalactites, stalagmites with many beautiful shapes in the cave make us just want to admire forever,” she said.

Runner-up poses on Mooc spring. The road to the creek was wet, muddy, and full of water, and her group had to bring high socks and spray, but they were still stuck.

Impressive beauty with the stream. “It feels like some kind of underground water is constantly rushing up,” she said.

On the first day of the trip, when she arrived in the Hung Trau area, she rowed sup, watching the clear water and feeling immersed in nature. Although confident when rowing, she fell into the water twice, shivering, had to borrow a friend’s shirt to wear.

Hoang My rides a bicycle to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Chay Lap village. To join the trip, she prepared many documents in advance, including a negative test for nCoV – which is required to pass through checkpoints along the way. Initially, due to some problems when buying tickets, her group had to fly from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang, then ride 300 km to Quang Binh.

Runner-up enjoys relaxation while soaking in hot water in Chay Lap village. She was also given a sauna according to local remedies, soaked her feet in water with guise leaves, ginger, and salt to reduce muscle fatigue.

For her, the trip helps ease the sadness of witnessing the loss during the pandemic and recharges with positive energy. “Never before has the discovery of nature, comfortable conversation with friends been so precious to me,” she said. For many months, she participated as a volunteer to fight the epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vu Hoang My was born in 1988 in Dong Nai, is the 1st runner-up of Miss Vietnam 2010. She represented Vietnam at Miss Universe 2011 and Miss World 2012. Currently, she participates in film production, as a judge of beauty contests. Follow vnexpress 

(photo: Quy Coc Tu )

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