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Nhut Minh – The guy who is famous for giving the poor the “most expensive bread in Vietnam”, making anyone who opens them shed tears of happiness during the Covid season

In the days of social distancing, everyone must stay at home to prevent disease. Many poor workers and people in difficult circumstances have to rely on charity gifts.

Perhaps, the story of doing charity during the epidemic season is not too strange for everyone. Every day surfing on Facebook or social networking sites, everyone will come across hundreds of beautiful stories about doing charity work during the holiday season from people from all over the country.

If you join social networking sites like Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, then more or less of you know the account “Khuong Nhut Minh” with videos of giving gifts from foreign donors to help. Let’s get through this pandemic together.

From a Youtuber doing ads to random charity work

It is known that the account owner is Khuong Nhut Minh, 32 years old, working as a reviewer and Youtuber in Vinh Long, with a huge following of more than 110k on both Youtube and TikTok. His main job is to review filming resorts, gardens, restaurants…

Khuong Nhut Minh – Youtuber and Reviewer.

But on the journey to find locations to shoot, he encountered “grandparents” who still make money in a genuine way such as selling bread, banh tet … but those people do not have a stable customer base. So he came up with an idea to help people turn up to partly support those “grandparents”.

Since then, many overseas Vietnamese who have seen his video have asked him to act as a “bridge” to be able to support difficult situations. His trips to a charity started in December 2020 and became denser and denser on the days of social distancing in Vinh Long.

Choose a way to donate to a charity like no other

He shared: “The main source of funding is from overseas Vietnamese and overseas sponsors”. Every day he will give about 15-30 gifts, a total value of about 15-20 million. What is sure to impress many is the way he gives those gifts to those in need.

Nhut Minh – The guy who is famous for giving the poor the “most expensive bread in Vietnam”, making anyone who opens them shed tears of happiness during the Covid season

“On difficult days like this, normally other Fathers will buy food such as instant noodles, eggs, rice… but I think differently. It is true that food is necessary, but not everyone has good health, so I think giving money is quite practical. Not to mention families with young children, they also have to buy milk or renters have to pay for electricity and water too,” Minh said.

But instead of giving money directly to them, he Ming chose to go to the money hidden in items idyllic, simple toner as bread, instant noodles, bags of sweet potato … “I want to know people who go to receive gifts do they really need those gifts and what are their reactions when receiving these very ordinary gifts “ , Mr. Minh said. Each gift he gives is a story, a difficult life. Everyone was surprised because, behind that gift, there were many people who couldn’t hold back their tears.

“The poor are often very observant” and “memorable incidents” when doing charity work during social distancing

He said that through charity work, the poor often have their love. During the charity trips, Mr. Minh said: “The time he went to do charity work in a family of his grandfather over 60 years old had difficult circumstances. The daughter is mentally ill, the grandmother has to stay in the hospital to look after, the grandfather takes care of the 10-year-old grandchild and earns money to make ends meet. When the grandfather told about the family situation, the grandchild didn’t say no and kept crying, making me feel that it is the difficulty that makes a child so delicate.”

He said that before social distancing, he often went to each place and house to know and grasp the situation, but since social distancing, travel has become more difficult, so Mr. Minh only delivers on the street. or at zero-dong markets in Vinh Long.

He is an active member in charity activities in Vinh Long and is one of the founding members of the 0-dong market.

Minh shared about an incident in a charity distribution on the street for a man, he was fined by the police for violating social distancing regulations. At first, he was quite uncomfortable but he understood and accepted to pay the fine according to the regulations. Follow Phap luật & bạn đọc

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