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5 big trees attract tourists along the country

VIETNAM – The “walking” banyan tree in Ninh Binh, a thousand-year-old tree in Dak Lak, has a huge root in Nam Cat Tien, which makes many visitors admire it.

While waiting for the boat to visit the Thung Nham ecotourism area in the ancient capital of Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh , many tourists often come to the base of the mountain 20m high and about 50m wide. Not only shading, but this tree is also determined to be a thousand years old and attracts visitors by its name “walking” banyan tree. Photo: Spirit

The movement of the tree is explained because the main body (root) has changed its position three times, each time around 10 – 15 meters around the temple, each move about 300 years apart. What makes the banyan tree so sacred in the hearts of local people is that for the past thousand years, the tree has just “walked around” to the Pillow Dai Temple, worshiping Thang Dai Vuong, a talented general under the Dinh dynasty. Photo: Phong Vinh

The famous banyan tree on the Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang , is determined to have a lifespan of about 800 years. Da Son Tra tree is also known as Da high mountain, belongs to the mulberry family, with 26 secondary roots clinging to the soil, each root is 25m high on average. The tree is 22m high, the circumference of the main body and the secondary trunk cluster is up to 85m. With an interesting shape and location along the main road, the great base attracts the eyes of all visitors across the eastern edge of the peninsula. Photo: Spirit

The tree was discovered in 1771 and inscribed on the list of Vietnamese heritage trees in June 2014. During the resistance war against the French and the US, Son Tra peninsula was an important base for the army and people of Quang Nam – Da Nang. Da Son Tra tree was chosen by self-defense forces, militia and self-defense forces, commandos to choose as a place to hide, gather to exchange information.

Tourists often know the name “banyan tree” by local people. Along streets with giant banyan tree is the top attractions like Ban Co, radar “peephole Indochina”, helipad, Bai But Linh Ung Pagoda, Tien Sa sea … Photo: Spiritual

If you come to Dray Nur waterfall tourist area , Dak Lak , visitors will see the massive roots of the si-tree radiating shade on the way down the waterfall. The root system of the tree clinging to the rock mass is about 2.5m high, spreading about 3m. No one has determined the exact lifespan of the tree, the local people predict that the tree has lived for thousands of years. Photo: Bui Ngoc Cong

Discovering Nam Cat Tien National Park , located in 3 provinces of Dong Nai, Lam Dong, Binh Phuoc, visitors cannot ignore a tree standing in the middle of the forest. This is a tree over 400 years old, 30m high, the base of nearly 20 people embraces, the roots spread on the ground to 5m. The giant root of the tossed tree is a typical check-in point for visitors to Nam Cat Tien. Photo: Nhat Tan

Attracting camera lenses of many tourists passing through Ba Chuc town, An Giang , is a tree trunk nearly 20 meters high on Ngo Tu Loi Street. This was originally a dead oil tree, but still standing because it was wrapped around the body by the forest tree and the bodhi roots. The elders said that when they were alive, the oil tree had a taller stem than the present, the canopy was 40m wide, the base had to be three or four people hugging. Existing for more than 300 years, the oil body has been considered by locals for generations to witness the history of the land, so the trees are not removed or removed. Photo: Tam Linh/ Follow vnexpress

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