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Priceless thousand-year-old giant trees in the North

The thousand-year-old trees in Vietnam are not only proof of the permanence of nature, they are also an invaluable heritage that, if lost, will never be regained.

Driftwood tree is located in the field of Binh Minh commune (Thanh Oai, Hanoi), also known as the yin-yang tree by the locals because the tree has feng shui and many unique and unusual features. Driftwood has a diameter of about 15 m. The circumference of the tree is about 8 m and it takes 5-6 people to hug it all.

Driftwood has only one trunk, above there are many canopies spreading around like an umbrella. The roots go deep into the ground. Many old people in Binh Da village said that the current shape of the driftwood has been around for a long time, how many years the tree is still the same, the tree still flowers but the fruit is very few.

From afar, the towering tree shape attracts at first sight. The flowering and fruiting is also unusual, only 2-5 years to bear fruit and usually falls in the 12th lunar month. The tree was recognized as a Vietnam Heritage Tree in 2016.

The tree has perfect shape, long life, estimated over 1,000 years old. The tree is about 10 m high; spreading canopy. The driftwood tree is now hollow inside, people said that once a naughty child lit a fire and threw it into a tree hole to scare away birds and pigs, causing a fire, people had to pump water into the top of the tree, pump mud into the trunk of the tree. fire, so the tree has survived until today.

At the foot of Tan Vien mountain, two giant ancient banyan trees spread their canopy to cover a large area. According to many experts, these are the largest banyan trees in Vietnam, estimated to be up to a thousand years old.

Located in the grounds of Tan Vien Son Thanh temple (Quyt village, Yen Bai commune, Ba Vi, Hanoi), two banyan trees appear like a giant umbrella at the foot of the sacred Ba Vi mountain range.

Many people believe that these are two clusters of trunks of a tree, divided after thousands of years. The circumference of the first body cluster is up to 43 m; The second cluster of trunks has a circumference of 37 m, the height of the tree is 40 m. Currently, these two banyan trees are recognized as Vietnam Heritage Trees.

The thousand-year-old bamboo groves in Cam Lam village, Duong Lam commune (Son Tay, Hanoi) still have 18 trees that have been recognized as Vietnam Heritage Trees.

Legend has it that the trees were the place where King Ngo Quyen used to make war elephants and war horses after the exercises to prepare to move to the Bach Dang estuary to fight the Southern Han army.

There are tall trees, the circumference at the base must be 2 hugs. The Vietnam Association for the Protection of Nature and Environment confirmed that the 18 trees are thousands of years old.

This is where people rest under the cool pine trees. This ancient grove is respected by the people, no one dares to disrespect or cut it down. In the minds of each Duong Lam people, the ancient bamboo tree has become a dear, close-knit image like flesh and blood, and the Duong Lam people still keep the custom for the dead to “say goodbye” to the ancient tree before burial.

The giant wild incense tree in Bac Giang is now considered the oldest and largest in the world. The location of the tree in the middle village (Tien Luc commune, Lang Giang, Bac Giang) is 36 m high, the trunk circumference at the largest is 17.04 m. There are only 2 such trees in the world, that is the Tien Luc cedar tree and the African cedar tree. Currently, the tree in Africa is dead.

The tree belongs to the camphor family, is a rare tree that can live for thousands of years. In the past, the Uncle Co Vien Dong school classified the tree as a rare species in the North and needed to be preserved and protected strictly. In 2012, the tree was recognized as a Vietnam Heritage Tree. 

The tree has a superficial, majestic shape, luxuriant branches and leaves all year round. As a symbol for the permanence of nature.

Tall tree in the field of Ngoc Tinh village (Thuan Thanh, Bac Ninh) is like a target for people to orientate when going far back to the village. According to the website of the Vietnam Association for the Protection of Nature and Environment, the tree is estimated to be 600 years old, and was labeled with the Vietnam Heritage Tree sign in 2013.

The tree is about 20 m high, the canopy has a very beautiful round raspberry shape. The original body is rough and big, it is estimated that 4 people can hug it. The roots spread, eating all the neighboring fields. On the day of the harvest, people come back from working in the fields to rest by the packed tree, and sit down in the fields. In the past, on a hot summer night, people used to take out their mats to sit and chat before going back to bed.

Growing in the middle of a large field, the only place that provides shade for people working in the fields, the tree is respected and called “grandpa”. This is also a prime location, where exchanges between 3 provinces: Bac Ninh – Hung Yen and Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi. Follow (Dan Tri)

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