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The guy who carried 3 Ao Dai for 8000km: ‘Our Vietnamese Ao Dai is very beautiful!

I also really want to bring ao dai to check-in in many other countries and cities around the world, to proudly say, our Vietnamese ao dai is very beautiful!

Character: Nguyen Tuan Khanh (Khanh Tuan)

Coming from Vung Tau

Currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City

As an alumnus of Tourism, and also working part-time as a guide, my passion for travel is very strong. From 2020, I and my cherished friends must have a trip across Vietnam to mark our youth.

However, it will not be until June 2022 that the trip will be possible. When packing for the trip, I thought, it is necessary to bring a special companion to make the trip more memorable than ever. Because I waited 2 years to make it.

And that special companion is the Ao Dai. Why ao dai? Because this is the traditional costume, the most obvious expression of the cultural values ​​of their country.

I want through the trip, the photos taken of me wearing ao dai in all provinces and cities in Vietnam, will partly spread the cultural values ​​mixed with natural beauty, and positive energy to everyone. Especially for those of you who have the same passion for travel as me.

The guy who carried 3 Ao Dai for 8000km: ‘Our Vietnamese Ao Dai is very beautiful!

I chose 3 Ao Dai to carry in the process of 8000km+ 40 cities, in 40 days.

It was a traditional black ao dai, a smoky gray tunic and a modern ao dai. However, I only use the black shirt and the gray shirt at all locations, and the modern ao dai I only wear in Hoi An because I think… it’s a bit too modern, doesn’t fit the traditional spirit very well. that I aim for.

Talking about the one I use the most is the black Ao Dai. Because it is not only the traditional Vietnamese dress, but in the place where I was born and grew up, Long Son commune – Vung Tau city, the black ao dai also carries a very important meaning in cultural life and beliefs.

Ba ba and black ao dai is one of the indispensable costumes in every family here, especially those following the Ong Tran religion.

They will often wear it on holidays, Tet. Elderly elders with white hair and beards will also wear black ao dai and transform into old men at the Long Son Great House to write letters, draw meticulous handwriting, for their children and grandchildren.

Black ao dai and black ba ba shirt are also bought by many people as souvenirs, whenever they visit Long Son commune, Vung Tau city.

Different from other types of luggage, I put the Ao Dai separately in a small backpack so that I can easily carry it with me, change quickly every time I arrive at the check-in location. There are many places where I take photos with Ao Dai with dangerous locations, having to climb mountains or steep slopes, wearing Ao Dai is also a bit difficult.

Besides the companion the Ao Dai, I also have 3 other friends to join this trip through Vietnam.

Although before going, we prepared very carefully in terms of luggage, health and spirit, it is true that there are parts of the road that make the 4 of us unable to help but be afraid. There are parts, my friend has a job, so the group is “dropped” less, becoming less people, so the feeling is even scarier.

The representative to mention would be the road like Vo Chi Cong street (from Tam Ky to Cua Dai) – this is the road I feel most afraid of ghosts because the two sides of the road are full of tombstones; Truong Son Dong road (from Kon Tum to Quang Ngai) – this is the harshest road because of the harsh sunshine of the weather; Muong Cha road to the West Pole, A Pa Chai – the most dangerous road because there are many passes, steep slopes and slippery moss; Or there is a road that we have to go while praying, that is the way to the La Ba suspension bridge in Da Lat.

This section is mainly rocky, with a very steep slope, and some sections have to run through a fast-flowing stream. I have heard a lot of stories about cases where the motorbikes coming here broke off the brakes, leading to a fall and severe damage.

Going through the dangerous road, there will be a small cement road, but it is very narrow, only about 15-20cm, enough for a motorbike to run.

It is because of the above that when going through here, we have to pray while going through to pass safely. Fortunately, there were no accidents.

Although going through many scary journeys as mentioned above, it was not until I reached the westernmost part of the country that I experienced the feeling of extreme panic. At that time, I was lost in the area… near the border, the section of Dien Bien – Lai Chau.

At this time, the weather was heavy rain and storm, some of the roads I went through were seriously eroded, I drove alone again. Also, because I was alone, I couldn’t open the map continuously, it was raining, so my vision was limited, so I lost my way. After a while, my phone also lost signal.

Fortunately, it was at noon, I still saw a few indigenous people and border guards asking for help. As a result, I still successfully conquered the westernmost milestone of the country.

Another time going at night is equally thrilling, you and I were even “log out” out of Vietnam! That’s when we drove to the Khau Coc Cha – Pac Bo pass, the phone continued to lose signal, lost life and lost location. The signal on the device will automatically roam to your country China.

A certain actress and singer once said that traveling is just for fun, wasting many things. But for me, every trip is a learning experience. Grandparents also have a saying “Walk a day, learn a sieve”. This saying is to show that the more you go, the more you discover, the more your knowledge base will be expanded.

I get to understand, know more about many new cultures and cuisines, exchange and get to know many new friends from all over the country. The things I get after each trip like that are priceless treasures for me.

In the future, I will try to make more trips, and explore more and more wonderful lands of my country. I also really want to bring ao dai to check-in in many other countries and cities around the world, to proudly say, our Vietnamese ao dai is very beautiful!

According to the To Quoc

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