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The shop rolls have been selling for 40 years, selling 200 servings per day in Hanoi

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If Thanh Tri rolls are not filled, characterized by white, the Hoang sisters’ nearly 40-year-old rice roll shop attracts customers because of the rich taste of the wood ear filling and the bowl of sauce that fits the mouth.

Roll cake is a simple specialty of Ha Thanh land, eaten with dried onions, Co Tu Le’s spring rolls, adding a few cilantro branches, basil to enhance flavor, and dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce.

Today, walking around the streets of Hanoi, the frequency of this cake is not inferior to other popular dishes of the capital such as pho, bread …

Located on Phan Phu Tien street (Dong Da, Hanoi), the rolled cake shop opened by Mrs. Loc since 1985, today is taken over by her two daughters, directly girdling and managing the shop.

The shop rolls have been selling for 40 years, selling 200 servings per day in Hanoi
Ms. Hoang Hong Anh and Ms. Hoang Dieu Huong took over the mother’s own spring roll shop.

Since the first days of opening the restaurant, the four daughters of Mrs. Loc have worked together with her mother to sell rice rolls, a girdle mother and a calf to serve customers.

“My family has 4 sisters, 3 sisters in Hanoi, 1 sister in Saigon, all keeping her mother’s inheritance. People come to the shop to see only sisters who make up or call them sister shops.” “, Ms. Hoang Hong Anh said.

With only a few simple “homemade” tools and 3 pots of water that are always boiling, Ms. Huong (sister Anh) quickly scoops the cake dough into the lid and spreads it thinly on the fabric.

Then swinging until the cake puffed up, it was ripe, she quickly grabbed the cake, Ms. Anh supported the leaves, mixed the minced meat with wood ear and then folded it, the thin layer of cake rolled to embrace the inside of the ball. seven, full of sophistication.

The rice cake flour is diluted, poured into a coconut shell.
Huong spread the cake thinly on the fabric face, then covered it with a lid.
Ms. Anh does the process of wrapping the cake, adding dried onions, perfecting the plate of rolls for customers.

Look at the two cousins ​​making rolls like artisans, very skillful. The shop’s aluminum pots used to coat the cake are smaller than in other shops. Ms. Anh quickly answered: “My cake mold is just as small as a spring roll, thin rice paper and not much flour, wasted flour”.

The cake is best when eaten while still hot, so when there are guests, the sisters started to make. Where the rice paper rolls, to eat there, requires the eater to wait patiently. However, no one was nagging, annoyed, because their wait was always rewarded with a hot, aromatic plate of rolls.

The specialty of the shop is in the family-owned sauce bowl left by her mother. Dipping sauce is made from tender pork tenderloin juice, then add fish sauce, vinegar, and lemon juice to fit. The sauce is clear, sweet and not greasy.

Take each piece of cake soaked in the sauce bowl, the richness of the cake combined with the smooth plasticity of the crust and the unique taste of fish sauce and coriander blends to make diners eat forever without stopping chopsticks.

The rice rolls here are eaten with wishful cinnamon rolls and sausages.

In addition to the sauce, many diners also “crush” crispy dry onions and eat with the restaurant’s rice rolls. Ms. Anh said that the dried onions made by her house are 100% pure onions, and she also grinds the rice flour for making cakes. She even bought the whole seeds and roasted them and then grind them to sprinkle them in the sauce bowl.

In addition to the familiar minced meat, the restaurant is also famous for its steamed eggs. The eggs are steamed about 70%, cut into pieces of a soft, creamy, fatty peach egg without being fishy.

The cake must be thin, glossy, and white.
The filling is seasoned, sauteed thoroughly with wood ear.

The shop is open for sale from 6:30 am to 1:30 pm, most crowded on weekends. On average, selling about 200 plates of cake a day.

Ms. Dao Ngoc Anh in Ton Duc Thang street (Dong Da, Hanoi) shared: “I have been eating rice rolls here since I started in grade 1, until now, I have children, I am still loyal to this shop. I brought the whole child here to eat, the taste has remained the same since the time when Mrs. Loc sold it. The crust is smooth, thin but still chewy, no other shop has.

Each plate of rice rolls costs 20,000 VND, steamed eggs and cinnamon rolls will be charged separately.

Not luxurious and sophisticated, Hanoi rice rolls capture the hearts of diners of all ages, all positions, and classes because of their inherent rustic and elegant looks, becoming a specialty. indispensable of the Capital. Follow Dan trí

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