13.05.2021, 09:58

The 8X boy earns a high income from raising a super tiny athlete chicken

Owning more than 20 athlete chickens (Serama chickens) with an extremely majestic posture, Mr. Vo Thanh Lam (35 years old), living in Vinh Long City, Vinh Long, has a high income.

In order for chickens to achieve a beautiful shape, farmers must practice shaping and standing posture from the time it is 1 month old.DUY TAN

Because of his passion for raising ornamental chickens , in 2018, Mr. Lam hunts for new breeds of chickens. Through research, seeing the athlete chicken with a strange body and posture, he was interested and bought 2 breeding birds.

After that, he continued to buy a pair of parent chickens for breeding. Up to now, he owns more than 20 athlete chickens, bringing high income, the selling price of each chicken is from 1 million to several tens of millions of dong.

Mr. Lam currently owns more than 20 super tiny athlete chickensPHOTO: DUY TAN

Mr. Lam said that athlete chickens originate from Malaysia, with a tiny body, short legs and a weight of only 300-350 grams/chick.Chicken wings are not vertical but always inclined at an angle of 45 degrees. Raising athlete chickens is very laborious, the coop must always be clean, regularly 3 times a week for chickens to drink garlic wine to increase resistance, add vitamins, vegetables, minerals … Farmers must massage once for about 10 minutes then The new chicken has a good posture, according to Mr. Lam.

The breed of athlete chicken has a tiny body, weighing only 300-350 grams/chick.PHOTO: DUY TAN
Because of its unique and beautiful stance, the Serama chicken is also known as the athlete chicken.PHOTO: DUY TAN

Athlete chickens over 1 month old are priced from 1 to 2 million VND/head; Chicken from 6 months or more is 5-10 million VND/head, depending on color.For those with owl color, cotton color… the selling price can be up to 20-30 million VND/head. Even the chickens that win prizes in ornamental chicken competitions are priced as high as VND 50 million.

In order to create beautiful chicken breeds, in addition to quality ones, there must be techniques to select and coordinate the right genetic resourcesPHOTO: DUY TAN

According to Mr. Lam, in order to create a chicken breed with beautiful feathers, in addition to the quality breed, it is necessary to have the right genetic selection and coordination techniques.

For example, chickens of Submerin bloodline are characterized by large breasts, yellow feathers and relatively tall bodies; Breed Lang’s bloodline is cashew-colored, with yellow legs and beaks, large breasts, and shiny fur; Sami G bloodline is yellow with white eyelids, neat tail, large chest, blue legs, compact crest, medium-tall body shape…

Chicken with cashew color, owl color, price ranges from 20-30 million VND/head. PHOTO: DUY TAN
Chicken with cashew color, owl color, price ranges from 20 – 30 million VND/headPHOTO: DUY TAN
Athlete chickens are being loved by many ornamental chicken playersPHOTO: DUY TAN

In addition, Mr. Lam also has the pleasure of bringing athlete chickens to beauty contests organized by ornamental chicken clubs.”If a chicken is good enough to go to the competition, the chest must be stretched out, the wings are forward, the legs are straight… If the athlete wins the prize, the value will be raised very high”, Mr. Lam said. Follow Thanh Nien