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See firsthand the largest orchid garden in Vietnam, with 200 types of “rare, hard to find”

The man in Dak Lak has been collecting and preserving many rare species of wild orchids for 26 years, and this reserve also set a record for having the “largest collection of wild orchids in Vietnam” in 2017.

Located about 12km from Buon Ma Thuot city (Dak Lak), the Troh Bu orchid conservation area is located in Ea Nuol commune (Buon Don district).

The first impression of visitors when visiting is the green landscape, filled with plants, flowers, and especially hundreds of large and small forest orchids scattered throughout the reserve.

See firsthand the largest orchid garden in Vietnam, with 200 types of “rare, hard to find”
Mr. Hung spent 26 years preserving and developing wild orchids (Photo: Uy Nguyen).

Mr. Do Tuan Hung – the owner of Troh Bu Nature Reserve shared that he was born and raised in the forestry industry, so he loves nature and flowers. In particular, living in the sunny and windy land of Dak Lak, he has many opportunities to go to the forests through business trips and since then has fallen in love with wild orchids.

For Mr. Hung, wild orchids have a wild, beautiful beauty with a very fragrant scent that is rarely comparable to any other wildflower.

Wild orchids have a unique beauty that no other wildflower can match (Photo: Thuy Diem).

In the face of the fact that many forests are exploited to get land for the project, forest orchids are also at risk of disappearing over the years.

Twenty-six years ago, Mr. Hung boldly bought 5 hectares of land in Buon Don district to plant trees to regenerate and preserve wild orchids.

When wild orchids were not banned from exploitation and were still abundant, Mr. Hung took advantage of weekends to wade into remote forests, accepting to eat and sleep in the forest to bring back wild orchids for transplanting to other plants. trees, grafted onto rocks. He let the orchid live in the most natural way, not subject to much human influence.

Mr. Hung’s orchids are meticulously attached to the tree trunks so that they grow naturally (Photo: Thuy Diem).

Over the years, his orchid garden proliferated and flourished with over 200 species of orchids transplanted into over 10,000 forest tree trunks, including many rare orchid species such as: Gia Hac, Nghinh Xuan, Kieu flat, Ngoc Diem … Besides, the orchid garden also has about 20 species of orchids with about 1,000 roots scattered throughout and there are about 300 indigenous varieties regenerated in place.

The orchid conservation area developed, Mr. Hung named it Troh Bu – in the Ede language, snakehead fish valley, because in the past, there were many snakeheads scattered in the streams and creeks flowing through the area. The places where snakehead fish grow are considered by the people to be a good land where they will have a prosperous and prosperous life.

Many types of wild orchids have proliferated and thrived in the reserve (Photo: Thuy Diem).

In 2017, Troh Bu Forest Orchid Conservation Area was honored by the Vietnam Record Organization (Vietking) as “The largest collection of natural wild orchids in Vietnam”. It is a great honor for Mr. Hung and also a motivation for him to continue pursuing and developing his endless passion.

Troh Bu orchid conservation area is like a miniature forest with rich vegetation (Photo: Thuy Diem).

In the last few years, a sudden trend of playing orchids has appeared, the orchids costing tens of billions of dong, causing a stir in public opinion. Mr. Hung’s orchid conservation area was also offered by many people, but he shook his head and refused.

“I collect wild orchids, not for business but to preserve rare orchid genetic resources, preserving the value of nature for future generations.

The forest is getting smaller and smaller, the orchids are being hunted, so it’s very difficult to see the wild orchids, so I can only keep them so that the next generation who comes to Troh Bu can also admire the wild orchids,” Hung shared. .

The branches of forest orchids bloom beautifully here (Photo: Thuy Diem).

Troh Bu conservation area has gradually become a tourist attraction attracting tourists when arriving in Dak Lak. Especially for domestic and foreign pet enthusiasts.

Wild orchids seem to be reborn in the legendary land of Buon Don (Photo: Thuy Diem)

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