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Soldiers deliver food to people’s homes in Nha Trang

KHANH HOA – In addition to patrolling, taking samples for Covid-19 testing, nearly 300 soldiers a day bring food and food to each household in Nha Trang City.

Nearly 300 soldiers from the Air Force Officer School, Information Officer, Central Technical Intermediate, Provincial Military Command and Border Guard Command stationed in Khanh Hoa were mobilized to support Nha Trang. epidemic prevention when this city recorded 3,673 people positive for nCoV out of a total of 6,312 cases in Khanh Hoa province.

In Vinh Tho ward, 50 soldiers of the Air Force Officer School cooperated with the authorities to patrol, take samples for testing, and provide food for people under quarantine and blockade, since August 25.

To facilitate local support against the epidemic, the soldiers set up camp at Vinh Tho Primary School, Ton That Tung Street. Major Pham Van Huyen, Captain of the 12th Battalion 1st Battalion, Air Force Officer School used a classroom to organize and assign tasks to soldiers.

According to Major Huyen, in addition to participating in food supplies, soldiers will combine with local forces on duty and patrol to ensure “whoever stays where they are” and take samples for testing in the community. .

At the field market inside Vinh Tho ward, every day, nearly a dozen soldiers sort goods according to orders brought by neighborhood groups, and then pack them into plastic bags. The market is full of fish meat, vegetables, canned meat, eggs, fish sauce, and essential items.

Second Lieutenant Nguyen Huy Quang (28 years old) packed vegetables and fruits in plastic bags to deliver to people in the blockade area. He said he was happy to join his teammates to fight the epidemic and help people.

Ms. Nguyen Phien Viet Vy, Vice Chairman of Vinh Tho Ward People’s Committee, said that every day 22 members of the relief team will “go to the market instead” for hundreds of households. Households register their orders through the neighborhood leader and are delivered to their homes by members of the relief team or the army.

Second lieutenant Dinh Hoai Anh carried a bag of rice in the ward’s warehouse and brought it to the gathering point to divide into storage bags and deliver to the people. “When I first started to classify items, I was still a bit confused, but now I have gotten used to it and manipulated it faster,” Second Lieutenant Anh said.

Soldiers were carried by Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hai (60 years old, leader of the rescue team in Vinh Tho ward) by motorbike to deliver goods to people in the alleys.

Ms. Dang Ngoc Hoang, 66 years old, stood in front of her house on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street waiting for the soldiers to deliver food. She said that for nearly two months, it was difficult to buy food, along with the blockade, so she mainly asked the neighborhood group for help.

Second lieutenant Nguyen Son Tra (25 years old, right) and his teammates wear gloves and glasses to prevent droplets from giving food to Ms. Dao Thi Nga (59 years old) blocked in Son Phuoc 2 neighborhood. “In the context of This is supported by the ward and the army, the family is very grateful,” Ms. Nga said.

After a mission session, the soldiers returned to the primary school, where they were stationed, to rest and eat before continuing their work until evening.

Major Huyen (wearing military uniform in the right corner) checked the meals and asked about everyone’s work during the day.

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