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The rooftop agricultural garden bears fruits of ‘ten thousand people who love it’ by taking advantage of the waste to make compost

Growing terrace trees is difficult, but Ms. Tran Thi Hoa also makes many people admire it because the rooftop agricultural garden is both full of fruit and beautiful green as a ‘paradise’ of agricultural products that thousands of people love.

Octopus tomato garden on the terrace with fruits of Ms. Hoa.NVCC

What the writer really impressed with this young mother was that her love for the environment and a green lifestyle made her devote herself to researching and learning ways to make the most of organic waste. daily activities and recycled into fertilizer for crops. Thanks to that , her rooftop farm garden is always green and fruitful, making everyone admire.

The terrace garden of agricultural products made many people fall in love with Ms. HoaNVCC

Planting according to seasons to achieve high yield

Talking about her predestined relationship with the passion of growing agricultural products on the terrace , Ms. Hoa said that her motherland is in the North, so every time she comes back to her maternal hometown, her grandfather and her aunts have a very simple life. she is self-sufficient and Ms. Hoa loves it very much, likes the model VAC (pond garden) of everyone in the countryside. In addition, Ms. Hoa is very attentive in choosing food for her family, so she loves such clean foods and has since developed an affinity with rooftop farming.

Every time she harvests her farm produceNVCC

Two years ago, Ms. Hoa built a new home in Da Nang to open a hair salon and fulfill her dream of gardening. Her terrace is about 100 m 2 wide and is divided into two parts for the front yard and the back yard.

The special thing is that Ms. Hoa not only grows rich agricultural products, but also designs her terrace garden to be so beautiful.NVCC

In particular, although she grows terraces , Ms. Hoa studies crops like a real farmer so that agricultural products can achieve high productivity: “Planting at the right time for each type of tree, the yield will be higher. For the winter-spring season, we often grow tomatoes, cucurbits, bitter melon, cabbage, kohlrabi, cauliflower, strawberries and other fancy vegetables. In the spring-summer and summer-autumn crop, I prioritize heat-resistant varieties such as melon, melon, cucumber, bitter melon, melon and heat-resistant vegetables, ”said Hoa.

Octopus tomatoes with fruit.NVCC
Agricultural products on the terrace are heavy with branches.NVCC
Variety of agricultural products on the terrace.NVCC

This year, Ms. Hoa tried her hand at the Russian octopus variety. Although not suitable for the Central climate, her tomato garden also made thousands of people fall in love. “This variety in the North is suitable for the climate, so there are many successful growers, while in Da Nang there are still growers, but the yield is not high and has not created a beautiful tomato trellis. But I am still determined to try planting and devote a lot of enthusiasm, fortunately this year the weather is good, so our octopus tomato truss is very beautiful, ”Ms. Hoa happily expressed.

The desire to spread green lifestyle

As the owner of famous hair salons in Quang Nam and Da Nang, her working time is 6 days a week. One week, Ms. Hoa has only the second day off and she takes advantage of this only day to take care of her rooftop farm produce garden.

Everything is green.NVCC

Although the job is quite busy, gardening helps her to forget all the fatigue and stress of life. “Every day, I spend 30 minutes in the morning watering the plants. At night, when I come home from work, I will go up to see the garden and catch the worms. Every day, arrange the work and think about what seed or tree to grow tonight. In the past, when there was no rooftop agricultural garden, she went to drink coffee and then went to work, since the garden, she also drank coffee at the garden ”, what Ms. Hoa said is the desire of many people in life. So busy, at home, I have a beautiful and green space to both relax and watch the fruits of agricultural products planted by myself, that feeling is unmatched.

But as Ms. Hoa shares, “No matter how stressful or exhausting work is, just go to the terrace to see my agricultural garden, all fatigue will disappear”.

The special thing is that her garden is arranged beautifully, what plants and fruits are planted, all of which are designed by Ms. Hoa to design the planting position to create a rooftop agricultural garden as a “paradise” that can unleash. virtual life.

“My garden is designed by the couple by myself, I work in beauty industry so this stage is quite good. In general, the fruit we grow, we always take pictures, so we can eat it, ”said Hoa humorously.

Talking about the fate that led her to love the environment and application to her rooftop farming, Ms. Hoa said that when she went to Japan once she admired the way of dumping the garbage of the people here, such as 2 pouring organic waste, the third pouring recycled plastic, the fourth pouring metal … And unintentionally, I thought that if all the people were to plant trees and use domestic waste to make compost, I would reduce by 1 amount. Huge trash for the city.

A relaxing paradise on the terrace of Hoa’s family.NVCC

“The waste we use to make manure such as fruit bark, fruit carcasses, vegetable roots is used for feeding earthworms and secreting secretions to fertilize. Fish heads, fish intestines, shrimp heads are used to bury in the stump because this is a very good source of protein and calcium. The eggshell is mixed into the soil to add calcium. When planting trees to green the house to cool the living space for the family, the pots also capture a large amount of water. If any family does, it may even reduce flooding. In addition to the waste used as manure, we also buy more oil cake, cow manure, and earthworm manure to fertilize the plants ”, Ms. Hoa said.

The terrace not only has vegetables, but also flowers, making the garden beautiful.NVCC

And she said: “Growing agricultural products on the terrace is partly because I always don’t feel secure about food now, so I want to be good for my family and also spread the green and clean lifestyle. Not only that, when planting trees, those who love trees and nature all have a positive outlook and always create positive energy for a better quality of life ”.

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