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Ha Giang is beautiful and poetic in the eyes of Saigon girls

Van Hni (HCMC) spent 4 days visiting many beautiful landscapes in Ha Giang, especially experiencing motorbikes on the passes.

Having visited Ha Giang many times, Van Hni commented that every month of the year is beautiful here. Each month will have its own beauty, free to explore. In mid-November last year, she made a trip to the rocky plateau for 4 days with unforgettable experiences.

Pictured is the scene in Yen Minh, located in the northeast of Ha Giang province. This destination impresses with its peaceful beauty, unspoiled natural scenery, majestic with rivers, streams, and winding clouds. The painting is very poetic, attracting Van Hni not to take her eyes off.

The must-stop stop in Van Hni’s journey to discover Ha Giang is Tham Ma slope, impressing with the winding road on National Highway 4C, connecting from Ha Giang city to Meo Vac district. She had the opportunity to save impressive commemorative photos at this location.

The rock in the middle of Ma Pi Leng pass is an ideal place for 8x Saigon to zoom down into the abyss to see the beauty of the Nho Que river. “The whole river is like a soft green thread winding around the foot of the mountain, blending in the golden sunshine like pouring honey from the top of the mountain to the other valley, making the scenery here so beautiful,” she shared.

Van Hni added that in her journey to discover the land and people of Ha Giang, the experience that she will never forget in her life is hunting clouds on Pho Cao. Here, she had the opportunity to watch the sea of ​​white clouds floating like cotton and take pictures in time.

Ha Giang in the mid-November days, every section can see buckwheat flowers. When coming to Van Chai commune in Dong Van district, Van Hni was able to admire this flower blooming on both the mountainside and both sides of the road. The wild and rustic beauty of the buckwheat triangle makes her passionate and nostalgic.

The golden terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi under 8x Saigon lens become more poetic. Hoang Su Phi terraced fields have become a mark of national identity here, because they not only bring a bountiful harvest to the people, but also make the countryside become charming and brilliant.

Going to the rocky plateau without wandering to discover the beauty of the villages is a mistake. During this trip to Ha Giang, Van Hni spent time visiting “Pao’s house” in Lung Cam Cultural Village in Sung La valley. This is where there are countless houses with thatched walls close together with very typical stone fences.

The trees and leaves change color, making the scenery on both sides of the road to the village become very poetic and romantic. The beauty scene like in Korean movies is a destination that attracts 8x Saigon to check-in and owns many unique photos.

The early morning in Quang Ba is quite deserted, the climate is cool and fresh, the clouds are like the sea covering the mountain slopes, giving a feeling of relaxation and lightness.

Each cool breeze, in harmony with the peaceful scenery in the year-end weather… invites loving hearts to move to Ha Giang to experience.

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