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Driving on majestic roads, camping in the middle of Ha Giang mountains and rivers

With majestic landmarks such as Ma Pi Leng Pass, Quang Ba Twin Mountain, Nho Que River, and Tu San Canyon…, Ha Giang is always a destination that makes tourists from far away fall in love.

From September to March is the ideal time to visit Ha Giang, this is when the rice fields are ripe, flowers bloom in the sky and also the time for festivals of the mountainous people.

Ha Giang is located in the Northeast, a land favored by nature with a diverse ecosystem, along with the interweaving forest, mountain and river landscape creating a natural picture that is both majestic and poetic.

Ha Giang stone plateau is also home to about 20 ethnic minorities, creating a unique cultural beauty and preserving many long-standing historical relics.

Photographer Le Cao Hai (or Hai Le Cao, born in 1984) is from Hung Yen. He is known in the travel community as an enthusiast of trekking and adventure travel. Every destination he went to was very beautiful and unspoiled, he made an impression with beautiful and somewhat adventurous photos.

Having a special love for Ha Giang rocky plateau, he has visited this land nearly 20 times. But every time he comes, he has a different feeling.

“Ha Giang always carries in it the beauty of the mountains, majestic and pristine, it should be added that the beauty of the highland people is also a very beautiful inspiration every time I come to Ha Giang,” he shared. .

His and his wife’s recent trip to Ha Giang took place in 5 days, quite impromptu. He and his wife did not go to famous and familiar places, but just roamed on beautiful roads, looking for wild and poetic natural spots to camp.

Let’s see the majestic nature of Ha Giang through the very own perspective of photographer Hai Le Cao.

Next September, the season of buckwheat flowers, white canola flowers, wild sunflowers … again invite each other to race, adorn Ha Giang’s land and sky even more poetic.

The vast rocky plateau with rocky mountains in many shapes is a masterpiece of nature

The soft roads crisscrossing the cat-eared rocky mountains, adorned with green leaves, is an indispensable beauty of the land of Ha Giang.

This time, Ha Giang can welcome sudden rains, then when it stops, it will leave the same scene in the fog.

The small village is nestled on the mountainside, surrounded by immense mountains and forests

The road and stone wall are characteristic of the rocky plateau land

An old ethnic couple standing under the eaves of the house, the sunlight shines through, creating a picture with beautiful and peaceful shades.

Standing in front of the majesty of Ha Giang land, people become so small

Ethnic people here live in harmony with nature, relying on the mountains and forests

On the way, you can easily meet the image of old people or babies carrying a lot of weight on their backs, but their steps are strangely leisurely.

Hmong child herding goats

Lo Lo women at Meo Vac market

Coming to Ha Giang, you will forget about busy and hurried life. People here are always friendly and cheerful

The Tay old woman has just taken bamboo from the forest to make a fence

Healing trips, giving people the feeling of purifying their souls, immersing themselves in the midst of nature, heaven and earth

A romantic campsite stop by the stream

Early in the morning at the campsite, because it rained lightly last night, the early morning dew still gathered, forming a hazy smoke when the first sun of the day shone through.

A big fish was bought by Hai and his wife from a fisherman on the lake

A delicious dinner, offering an experience that no other luxury restaurant can match

The swarms of fireflies emit a fanciful blue light, hidden among the mountains. This is a rare scene that only those who are lucky can meet

The trip is full of improvisation, following the winding roads, giving the traveler one surprise after another, because the natural scenes are so poetic and majestic.

Mr. Hai said that he is a person who likes thrills, plays many extreme sports, so he likes to create unique photos. However, to do these things requires skill, nerves and good health, and has been practiced for many years. Should not be done without enough knowledge, experience and health


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